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Hi!  I'm new to this board as we just set our date for 9/29/12!  We have the church and venue secured so its now official.  I was wondering how early we should start planning our honeymoon and if anyone had any suggestions on where to go.  I know it's hurricane season in the Carribean but I've also heard that the chances of getting hit with one are slim and not to worry.  Any advice on either?

Re: Honeymoon

  • congrats to you. I am also getting marry in sept,15,2012. checking honeymoon locations also now. not sure ...im thinking about st.lucia..but the hurricane season has little scared also
  • Sept 8, 2012 is our date!  We are planning on the Bahamas and I too was worried about hurricane season.  I have been told by a few people and have looked it up that it is slim chance, but you just really never know.  I have looked up some websites and they won't even give you pricing on flights more than 12 months out.  I also talked to a local travel agent that we are also friends with and he said not to worry about looking into it either until at least 12 months out.
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    Hi Lori, my fellow Branford House bride!  I'm going to send you a private message with my email so we can keep in touch off the boards, as I'm sure as Branford House brides getting married within a month of each other, we'll have lots of tips to share!

    In regards to the Caribbean, don't worry about it.  Do purchase trip insurance just in case, but it's very rare and the weather is usually really nice.  I live in Miami, which is prime hurricane zone (even more so than most of the Caribbean) and my favorite time of year down here is September-November, since it's usually so beautiful!

    So don't let potential bad weather discourage you - statistically it's a severe improbability.   If you want to go to the Caribbean, then do it!  The bonus of "hurricane season" is that there are usually discounts

    ETA:  Also, as someone who travels for work a lot and takes lots and lots and LOTS of trips for fun, don't even start looking to plan until 6 months out.  They jack up prices early on since they know they can get the 'early birds' later on with their 'discounts'.  I rarely buy a flight more than 4 months in advance to go anywhere since it's so much more expensive.



  • i went to the bahamas the end of sept of 09 and no bad weather!
  • We are getting married Sept. 15, 2012 and are planning our honeymoon for Disney World. We are already saving now. We each put $20 a week aside so we know we won't have to touch any savings for it.

  • We are getting married on Sept 15, 2012 and are going to Disney World. We have already started saving too. $20 a week from each of us is being put into a savings acount and that money only we be used to give us an amazing honeymoon.
  • I took a cruise several years ago in late September and it did rain daily. It wasn't enough to interfere with our vacation, though. In Jamaica, I experienced the heaviest downpour ever ... I don't know what is in the air but the rain "melted" off my spray tan. LOL
  • 9/15/12 here and we're leaning towards st. lucia. i'm always concerned about weather when it comes to travel but i have heard it should be ok that time of year and like others have mentioned, be sure to purchase trip insurance. whenever i go on a cruise, i always get it.

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  • I don't know about a honeymoon yet. I live in a different state than the one I am getting married in so I don't even know if I will have the vacation available :(
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