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Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Help, Please!


I went on Vistaprint and made invitations for our rehearsal dinner.  However, a few minutes after I ordered them (after showing the proof to my fiance, his mom, and my mom) I realized that we forgot a very important part of the invitation...THE DATE!  The date is simply the day before the wedding, but will people assume that?  The order is final and I cannot get my money back or change anything at this point.  Can I enclose an insert saying something like: "Please note that the date of the rehearsal dinner is the day before the wedding, Friday, April 8, 2011."  Or is this tacky?  Do people assume it is the day before?  I know some have theirs the Thursday before, not Friday. 

Thanks for your input!  With everything that has been going on, I guess we all missed that very important part of the invitation.  CRAZY!  I hope you guys haven't been making these kind of mistakes.  :(

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Help, Please!

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    I think most people would assume it's the day before unless told otherwise, I think it's much more important it has the time because if it doesn't have that it's a pretty useless peice of paper.
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    We do have the times and locations.  We just don't have the date, I guess because I was assuming that people knew it was the day before.  In retrospect, I shouldn't assume anything.  I guess I will just go with the insert to err on the side of caution.  Thanks for the input!
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    Isn't everyone attending the dinner going to be at the rehearsal before hand?  I'm sure when you let the bridal party know the date and time of the rehearsal, they will know that the RD is following.
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