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Am I in the right forum for Alexandria Bay?

First Post folks, so be gentle.  We are looking at a wedding/reception in the Alexandria Bay, NY area......We have toured the Boldt Castle wedding areas last weekend and that is a strong we are looking for a private island and/or location to have the reception....any ideas?

Re: Am I in the right forum for Alexandria Bay?

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    Hey! I am relatively new to the forums as well :) I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes from Alexandria Bay, I have a family there and my best friend got married at Boldt Castle last fall. I also worked at a state park near Alexandria Bay all through college.  There are a few possibilities I can think of. Try out this website they list a lot of area vendors.  For one thing, I think Uncle Sam boat tours is the only company that offers shuttle service to Boldt castle, and if you do decide to have the ceremony at Boldt Castle, make sure you book it super early. They fill up quickly. You may actually be able to have a reception on one of their tour boats. I saw someone setting up for one while I was up visiting a couple weeks ago. You could also try Singer Castle. It is really beautiful, and is very close to Alexandria Bay.
     It looks like they have a few more options and it is possible to have the reception there. They look like they have tons of options from renting a room for the reception to renting the whole castle for the weekend. They may have more options for shuttle service too, not sure though.
    You could also try the 1000 Islands Winery, they are on the St. Lawrence and have beautiful gardens for the ceremony and reception space. 
    Hope this Info helps- feel free to message me if you need any more ideas, I would be happy to help!
  • We summer up in Alex Bay...another option is Pine Tree Point.  As well as Riveredge

    For a private a realtor up there...they may be able to see if a place is for sale if they would rent it for the weekend....or know of rental properties on an island.

    Good luck!
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