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Does anyone else go by their MIDDLE name? I wanted to drop my first name (since it's never used!) but you have to get a court order and all of that fun stuff to do so... Any thoughts if you are in the same situation?

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    My friend who just got engaged goes by her middle name, and she said she's going to do the whole court order thing.  Then she can make her middle name her first name and her maiden name her middle name.  It sounds like a pain, but she really wants to keep her maiden name.  So I'd say it's worth it if you want to keep your maiden name as your middle name.  Hopefully it's not too much work :)
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    My sister changed hers and it was a piece of cake. She said she just went to the social secutirty office with her marriage license and put what her name was and what she wanted it to be. Easy peasey in her scenario.
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    Thanks for your replies! In GA it's a whole 30 day process... The more I think of it the more of a pain it seems to be. You have to change your birth cert. also... Looks like I'm just going to keep it and have 4 names! My first name is a family name though, so it's not too bad! Thanks for the help!
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