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So I ordered my veil online through Nikkisveilboutique.com being that i want a silk tulle veil and there are no store around that offer them. this business was on etsy.com with alot of good reviews. she was very responsive through emails when we were getting the exact idea of cut and style i wanted. all the way up until we had it and she sent me a picture of the bottom of the veil and i thought it looked very narrow. after i sent an email stated this i have not recieved an email since except saying my veil was done and was being shipping that day. this was last week and she didn't address not one of the million emails i sent. we i just tried sending her another one and it said postmaster failure and her website is not up and running anymore!! i am flipping out considering i paid $355 for this silk tulle veil!!! i paid through paypal so i will be putting in a request to get my money back immediately. anyone else used this store? i hope not!

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    What a nightmare!! So sorry this happened to you! I know several ladies on here have gotten their veils from Esty but not sure if they used that vendor. I hope you get your money back from Paypal! Maybe you could report this person to Esty.

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    fyi...looks like she has a different website... http://www.silktulleveils.com/ and a facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silk-tulle-veils/154970524516024?v=info 

    It has the same phone number as the other and she just posted on that facebook page on Monday..

    and here's a post on wedding bee where she complains about negative posts from another bride.. 

    Sorry - but that just makes me mad when people do something like that and take your hard earned money!
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    i found that out also and sent her an email to her new email address stating that i was putting in a dispute through paypal due to her not responding to my emails and about the veil not being a wide as we discussed initially. also because i still haven't recieved the veil that she said was shipped at the beginning of last week. she sent me an email back saying that it's not her fault that my email wasn't working and she didn't recieve any emails from me. she also went on to say that the width of the veil was never discussed!! ummm....yes it was! so i sent her an email back with a copy of the email i sent her explaining this previosly and attached the picture i sent with it as i referred to it and said i love the width on the veil in the picture. i also sent a picture of the veil on her website that i stated i loved the width in that one too, and also a picture of my veil that she sent me weeks ago. there was an obvious difference in the widths! and she also cant deny that she got that email because she responded to that one! i am so glad that i still have 4 months until that wedding and that i ordered it this far in advance. at least i have time to still get things right before the wedding. i feel bad for those brides who didn't have time to correct the damage she did :(
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