Sheraton Norfolk Waterside

Has anybody had or been to a wedding here? I really like the room, and I'm thinking of booking with them, but I was hoping to hear some reviews before making my final decsion.

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    We considered having our wedding there, but decided not to for a couple reasons. While I liked the rooms, the "waterfront" view was not pretty at all. I didn't like how many banquet rooms they had. I felt like I would be just one of the brides instead of having the sales manager on hand if we needed her. But the main reason that we didn't go with them was $$$. Although they gave us a discount on their menu, it was still the most expensive option we looked at and paying for the guests parking (I think it was $6 a car!) would have made it even more expensive.

    I know that's not what you asked, but I just wanted to let you know why we didn't choose it in case you didn't think about those options.
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    The parking was an issue, but it's still within budget, and I'm not too concerned about the view since the room I'll be using doesn't overlook the water. My fiance works in Norfolk, so it's kinda just a normal everyday view for us ;)

    I'm mostly worried about the service, food, and someone being there for me to make sure my special day goes right. You don't think they'd neglect me if there was another banquet do you?!
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    we aren't doing our wedding there, but we are doing our hotel block and they were amazing to work with!

    our reception is going to be on the Spirit of Norfolk, but they do ceremonies, too! they provide an onboard wedding coordinator who will be with you at the rehearsal and the day of, so you get all the attention and to make sure everything runs right :) we also chose them because there wasn't a "minimum" you had to pay, like a lot of hotels had.

     check them out!
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    Oh my goodness, that sounds beautiful!!! 

    I would LOVE to do the Spirit of Norfolk, but I excluded it because my wedding will be in December. I definitely want to see pictures of yours though! 
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