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Getting in Shape

Newbie Post

So I can't remember if I've posted here before or not. Well I am getting married Sept 30th of 2011 and I need to start getting serious about losing weight. Not only for my wedding but for long term. I have scolosis and I need to work out and get my core muscles/back muscles strong so I can get away from getting back surgery. I know I can lose weight I've done it before. I am on WW and just started the first of December I do believe. I have lost a lil over 2 lbs so far. I slacked off over Christmas and didn't wiegh in last week. I am going to weigh in tonight so hopefully I didn't gain to much back.
I plan on losing 25lbs or more before September. I think that is a realistic goal. I want to look hot in a bikini on our honeymoon!! I have always had struggles with losing weight, and I feel like my wedding is enough reason to get my butt on track for the 2340932408 time! I will be probably posting with the WW people on here so I can keep accountable and write down my food and exercise!
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Re: Newbie Post

  • Good Luck with your weight loss. I agree, you shouldn't focus only on just on the numbers on the scale. If you working on correcting your scoliosis, you are probably incorporating strenght training into your routine. With strenght training, you you build more muscle, which also weight more than fat.  So while you are loosing fat, you may be gaining muscle, and not see your weight change right away. Focusing on how your close fit, or mesurments will help you see what you really have accopmlished.

    Good luck!
  • welcome & good luck! i agree with PP, focus on measurements/how things look. i strength train 2-3 times/week, and when i started doing that, i did actually gain lbs, but everything fits much better, and i'm much more toned.
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