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Piano Rental?

Does anyone know a good, reasonably priced place to rent a piano for cocktail hour?

Re: Piano Rental?

  • How much it will cost you will depend on a lot of things - quality and size of the piano, for starters.  The bigger the piano the more you will pay.  Also, moving a piano is no small feat and the higher up you go the more it will cost to transport and set up.

    What sort of event do you need this for?  Is it really swanky and nothing but a shiny baby grand will do?  Or do you just need some music? 

    Most swanky places already have a piano.

    If you just need some music, I would recommend hiring a pianist who owns or can bring a full sized keyboard with weighted keys.  (Weighted keys have the touch of a real piano as opposed to unweighted keys that will not play the same)  

    A good keyboard will give you a piano sound but the set up and moving of the instrument and stand can be done by one person, instead of a moving crew.  Another advantage of a keyboard is that you don't have to tune it.  All you need is an outlet and you're in business.

    If you do go with a real piano, get a guarantee that it will be in tune.
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