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Last minute Guest

So here is the story. My wedding is in 11 days and my FI just had his bacherlor party. The best man invited a kid they were all friends with when they were growing up, the problem is that right after we got engaged (way back in January) my FI called, texted, and emailed this kid to get his address and stuff and he never heard back so he was not put on the guest list. At the party the kid asked where his invitation was and was talking to others about coming to the wedding. My FI texted me not sure if he should invited him or not. I really don't care if this kid comes, I think cause he never got back to us he should stay uninvited but I think my FI feels pressure to invite him. I am torn with letting my FI invite him or just leaving it the way it is. We can add a guest to our list but then we have to move tables around and such which I really don't want to do.

So do we invited this guy or not?

Re: Last minute Guest

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    If it was me I'd say screw him.  Or Tell him that your sorry but your final count has been submitted.  If he would like to come I'd tell him he can show up after dinner when the numbers don't really matter. 

    I'm in a bad mood so my answer could probably change later on.
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    I agree with DirtyWater. This guy had a lot of time to get his information to your FI and he didn't. If he gets an invite now, it will throw a lot of wrenches in your plan (like you mentioned with rearranging tables, etc.).
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    If he was that good of a friend or someone you wanted to invite then why didn't you ask again for his info. i think its your FI's call its his friend. But personally I think it would bother me as well that I would have to change tables and what not. I wouldn't go through that trouble just add him to any random table because honestly who sits at a wedding?
  • pretzelgrrlpretzelgrrl member
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    I say invite him...you were going to do it before but he didn't get back to you.  We all make mistakes plus he went to the bachelor party.  Move the tables around...it's not that much trouble for a friend.
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    I agree with DirtyWater and JBs. I know our final headcount is due to the caterer 2 weeks before, so I would just say that. I would also however take into account if your FI really wants him there. My FI's guest list is literally 1/4 of mine, so if he wanted to add someone (and I hadn't given the final head count yet) I would be fine with it.
  • love2naplove2nap member
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    We also had a similiar situation actually. My husband use to live with one of his good friends and then they grew apart and we ending up moving 3 hours away, so they lost touch. He ended up running into him at his bachelor party (I think one of his friends text him to head to the same bar), and they caught up. My husband felt really bad leaving him out (especially since his other roommate was invited) and wanted to add him two weeks before the wedding. We were low on our count, so it wasn't a big deal, but we would have added another table and it would of really hurt us on dance space. And I really didn't want to re-do everything, again.

    I felt bad kind of bad, but it happens. My vote for this is to leave him out. He had his chance and he didn't get back to you two. I would have your husband explain to him that the final numbers are in and unfortunately it can't be changed and that you had never heard back from him for his information. 

    With that being said, unfortunately, you're guest list may still change again. I found out a few people weren't coming just days before. So if someone will no longer be coming or will no longer bring a guest, maybe keep him in the back of your mind for a potential fill-in. Even though it's horrible to say, but I'm sure your friend would welcome the last minute invite in this case.

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    If it were my wedding I couldn't accommodate him.  I have a limited amount of space where my reception is and literally no room to add another body.  

    Having said that I agree with the above.  If he cared enough he would have gotten back to you with an address etc.  Why should you be made crazy to re-arrange what I can only imagine to be, a difficult seating arrangment to begin with.

    Good Luck and Congrats!
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