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South Haven, Michigan

I was wondering if anyone has ever been to South Haven, Michigan. It is right on Lake Michigan. We are planning on staying at The Old Harbor Inn. Any comments would be appreciated, Thanks!

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Re: South Haven, Michigan

  • Aww... I love South Haven!  It's really pretty.  I mean, there's not a ton to do in that specific town, but there are lot's of wineries that you could visit, you could take a day long drive south along Blue Star Highway (shoot, Red Arrow?  I forget), which hugs the coastline and you can see some great areas. Definitely take a stop into Saugatuck.  There's some great shops there!  You could also drive north along the highway and see the dunes.  The largest dune in the area would be Warren Dunes in Bridgman.  You could also ask on the Michigan-GR Nest or Knot board (though I can tell you the Knot one isn't too happenin' of a place) for other recs.  I've been out of the country for a couple of years now, so I don't know precisely what's going on there anymore.  Here's the tourist site for SW Michigan though! http://www.swmichigan.org/index.php
  • Not sure when you are getting married, but the west coast of Michigan is really pretty.

    Do you have a specific reason for choosing South Haven? Of all the lake front areas on the Lake Michigan coast, I personally prefer Saugatuck. I lived in New England for 6 years, and it reminds me of several touristy areas there: lots of artistic venues, small shops, etc. It isn't that far to drive from South Haven, and you could spend a day or two there. Here is their website:


    They have links on their website to articles written by other websites about how quaint it is.

    You could also post on the Michigan-Detroit board. It's pretty active, and many people around Michigan go to the Lake Michigan shore line and could make more specific recommendations.

    Good luck, and enjoy your trip here! We love tourists!
  • Ohh Yes! Ive lived on the west coast of Michigan for about 12 years now. LOVE IT! South Haven is great but YES drive to saugatuck! Or if you dont mind driving a few hours up the coast visit Traverse City! Also If you are just looking for a "Michigan Honeymoon" I would suggest Mackinaw Island. Very very cool place to go and stay. Super relaxing! Hope you have a wonderful time with where ever you choose!
  • I grew up in St. Joe Michigan and it's amazing! I highly recommend that. It's a little less touristy and a little more romantic! :) Awesome beaches, with lots to do! :) The Boulevard Inn is an amazing honeymoon place!! :) Just an idea!
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