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North Carolina

Officiant Blues.

I don't even know where to start looking for an officiant. We're not a religious couple (though I wouldn't mind a mildly religious ceremony) getting married in Pilot Mountain (locked down as of last weekend, yay!) and not really willing to pay someone to travel from much further than Greensboro.

The one Greensboro-based officiant that is on the Knot's vendors page looks AWFULLY commercial to me. I know everything wedding is business, but it seems like the officiant should be the least commercial part of a wedding, if that makes sense at all?

Anyway. If anyone has any recommendations for Greensboro/Winston Salem/~Triad officiants, PLEASE send websites/emails/etc my way.

Would also appreciate any anecdotes from people who might have been in similar situations and found someone? (I feel like this would be so much easier if we were church-goers...)
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Re: Officiant Blues.

  • I had a hard time finding an officiant as well.  My recomendation is to talk to your venue.  They may have a list of preferred vendors, including ministers.  That is how I found mine.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_north-carolina_officiant-blues?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:115Discussion:c61bca1a-1880-4d78-a521-69a7a520cbe2Post:d5e12691-fdf6-4187-add1-f2767c08ef10">Re: Officiant Blues.</a>:
    [QUOTE]I had a hard time finding an officiant as well.  My recomendation is to talk to your venue.  They may have a list of preferred vendors, including ministers.  That is how I found mine.
    Posted by SCogs18[/QUOTE]

    I was going to say something along this line too. We couldn't afford 500+ for someone to come in for 30 mins and then be gone, and on top of that, it'd be an extra 100 just to have them for the rehearsal.

    DH's aunt was ordained and so she simply renewed her license and was able to marry us which worked out great.

    Overall though, do check with your venue and see if they'd recommend anyone.

    Good luck!
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  • Thought I was the only bride that had trouble finding an officiant! I was totally depending on my uncle who is a preacher to do it, however he wouldn't because my fiancee was previously married. So much for forgiveness and not judging others and all that...Anyhoo, one of my bridesmaids' uncle is going to do it. He is a Methodist pastor. If you don't know anyone that knows someone, lol, my next step would be to check with your venue. I'm sure they can recommend someone.

    Totally agree that the fees for this service are crazy! I'm in the wrong business, for sure. Good luck!

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  • I had the same touble too for my first wedding and Google was my friend for this.  I found an ordained minister that basically had a "church without walls" or whatever.  I really liked him because he didnt require us to have pre-marital counseling, etc.

    I did google "wedding minister greensboro nc" and found the commercial guy of course but I also found this lady, she is an interfaith minister.  I have no idea how much she is but I get a better vibe from her than Mr. Rev on call or whatever lol.


    Hope this helps, good luck!

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  • Thanks for the input everyone!

    The venue gave us a list of preferred vendors, but officiants was not on it (and dove-releasers were? Come on...)

    @RivieraBound She looks okay, but her packages are even more expensive than Rev on the Go, or whoever he is. Thanks for the rec though!

    I'm going to the Triad Bridal Show in Winston Salem tomorrow so hopefully something will come of that. If not, I guess I will be Googling up a storm.
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  • edited January 2012
    We are using Jac Grimes, his prices are comparable to everyone else, but we like him..he also works as Santa during the holidays, whichI thought was pretty neat
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  • Hello, my name is John and I am an ordained minister that has done weddings for close friends and clients (I'm a Realtor).  I am very fair in my rates as I am a romantic and want you to have the best day possible.  I have references and can travel.  Let me know if I can help you.  
  • Hey John, it's nice that I guess someone told you that brides were looking for someone to officiate and you came and offered to help. BUT.....you are going to get in trouble since offering your services would make you a vendor and vendors aren't allowed on these forums. 

    It's just the way it works here.

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