Soldiers and Sailors Oakland

I am looking into having a reception at soldiers and sailors memorial hall in Oakland. Does anyone have any pictures, comments, general info. that might be able to help me??

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    CLW (I think that's her screen name) had her reception there last Oct. Hopefully she'll see this and chime in. I'm pretty sure it's gotten nothing but good reviews on here.
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    Yep that's me!!  I've sent you a Private Message.

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    Just wanted to chime in and say I've been to receptions there and it is VERY nice! They were definitely on my short list of places to have my reception as well.
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    I haven't been to/seen a reception there, but I had my high school commencement, my best friend has had both of her college commencements, and my friends' culinary school commencements there, and I love the place...I think it's beautiful.  I did go to a blood drive that took place in the upstairs ballroom, and it's really pretty...
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    I also love Soldiers and Sailors!  It was on our short list of favorite venues :)  I'm sure C will give you everything you need, and her wedding there was beautiful!  I have pricing info from 2009 if you need it, too.

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    I've been to a wedding there and its beautiful!
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    I had my wedding reception there.  It was so easy; the wedding coordinator worked with me on every aspect.  At that time, they permitted BYOBS on Saturdays, but now they only do BYOBS on Fridays and Sundays.  I was able to spend the entire day before my wedding day (no extra charge) decorating the ballroom because they had the tables all set up.  Also, I was able to take in cookies and other personal items several days before my wedding day.  The ballroom was beautiful and our guests are still talking about it.  They are very flexible at S&S with the time allotted.  I left wedding gifts there after the wedding and went on the following Tuesday to pick them up.  All I can say is that they were very easy to work with and I would recommend anyone to have a weddng reception there.
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    Do any of you who have had a reception there still have a website?  I am creating mine and want to make sure that I give my guests all of the information.  Thanks!
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    Hi, I am planning on a reception at soldiers and sailors. Would anyone be able to discuss this location with me. Any input is a huge help!

  • I am also planning a reception at Soldiers and Sailors and would love input on their required vendors! Thanks! 
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