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Name Changing = NO FUN!

Just started on the name changing process and i've realized i have like a million things i have to update and change. Every minute i keep thinking of something else i need to change. This has been no fun so far.  I bought our house 3 years ago and husband moved in with me, so every single bill and account with our home/ utilities are all in my name, not only do i have to get my name changed but have to get him added to everything and i am about to rip my hair out!

Re: Name Changing = NO FUN!

  • Urg, I just started thinking about this seriously today...I'm not looking forward to it.  :(

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  • Yeah our marriage liscense came in the mail today and I realized this mess I have of name changing stuff as well. Rest assured we feel your pain!!!!
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    I heard it's a pain!!! I'm not changing mine, yay one less hassle in life  :)
  • I'm not in a hurry to do it but probably eventually will...I have advised my husband that if he wants me to change it he can take time off of work to wait in line at the Social Security Office and DMV with me.
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    yes went to the DMV the other day and Social Security office today and getting my new drivers license and vehicle title wasn't too bad. But today i waited over an hour at the SS office for a new SS card. Once i got to the counter it only took 2 minutes to take my paperwork.  I'm just so impatient!
  • I've seen online services that help you with the name change. One was like misstomrs.com or something? Has anyone used this? I'm going to change my name but not really looking forward to all the hassle. Does anyone know if these services are a rip-off or if they're really helpful?

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  • Personally, I wouldn't pay someone to do it for me.

    I ave a major time crunch with this whole name change thing, being that H is military I need to change my name ASAP so I can get on base....such a pain.
  • I looked into those paid things to do it and just seems as easy to do it yourself. We got back from Belize on Monday 4/30. I took Tuesday and Wed off work, too. Good thing our marriage license was waiting for us when we got back home (neighbor got all the mail for us). I took it with me on Tuesday to SS which didn't take long at all, and then to driver's license which took 2 hours to even call my number. Temp license has photo on it, though. Both of those cards should come in 1-2 weeks.

    I went to my bank and changed it there, which also didn't take too long. Changing it at work wasn't too bad. I've updated it through HR and am starting to see it on a lot of things. My email address at work I've updated, too, but it takes a little longer to update. It may be done next week.

    On a couple credit cards it was easy - they just asked me the new last name and that was it. Already have new cards with the new last name. Some of the others want copies of certificate, etc. Those can wait. Haven't done passport either. That can wait, as well, since we don't have anything international coming up.

    I keep thinking of little things like my account on Amazon to change lol
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