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Ring metal help!

FI and I recently got engaged, and he purchased a diamond for me. He said he could not pick a setting that he knew for sure I would like. So, we have been to several jewelry stores and have found a setting that we both love, and it has a matching band. It is offerend in white gold and palladium.

My question is, should I get the setting/band in white gold or palladium? I am not sure about the differences or pros and cons of either of the two. Any opinions out there? FI told me to choose one and I figured you ladies would have some insight!

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    I think it really comes down to personal preference. Palladium is in the platinum metal family. I don't know a ton, but I know platinum is supposed to be slightly better than white gold and can be more hypoallergenic. It's more expensive than white gold too and I think more durable. I would assume if palladium is in the family, it would more durable too.

    Here is an thread that I found that might give you more info: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=4678

    I would ask the sales person at the jewelry store to give you more information on both metals and then just pick which fits best into your budget and lifestyle.
  • My e-ring is made of palladium and I love it. Birdie1483 is correct that palladium is in the platinum family and it is therefore a naturally white metal where white gold is not. White gold is yellow gold with alloys added to it to make it whiter (not completely white)  and it is then plated in rhodium to give it a bright white look. That rhodium platting can where down over time giving the metal a yellowish tint and you will have to get it replated to bring it back to that bright white look. My sister ring is white gold and she had it less than a year before she had to get it replated. Palladium is 95% pure (white gold is no where near that pure) and that makes palladium hypoallergenic and white gold is not hypoallergenic. Getting my ring in palladium was slightly more expensive than getting it in white gold but was cheaper than getting it in platinum. I wanted a naturally white metal that would not have to be replated over and over again which is why I chose palladium. Just getting my ring replated a few time would make up the cost difference between palladium and white gold. Over a lifetime the metal upgrade more than pays for its self. White gold is more common and it is easier to find jewlers that will work with white gold than palladium but palladium is becoming more and more common. It all comes down to a personal chose though. Palladium fit my needs and taste but to some they would rather spend less money up front and get white gold or they just prefer white gold. My opinion is to go with palladium but in the end that is just my opinion.

  • I agree with skyler.  DH has a degree in metallurgy and materials engineering and he was quite particular on metals for our rings.  Skyler hit on a variety of differences between platinum / palladium and white gold.

    In addition, know that white gold is softer than platinum or palladium.  My e-ring and wedding band are in platinum and after (almost) 4 years of wearing the e-ring daily and after (almost) 3 years of wearing the wedding band daily, I wouldn't change a thing.  :-)
  • Thank you ladies! I am really leaning towards the palladium now; I'm glad I asked. I was really worried that palladium was some sort of weird metal that I would regret choosing because I had never even heard of it and knew nothing about it. I will talk to the salesperson again too, but I think I have heard enough here. Thanks again :)
  • My engagement ring is palladium and I love it. The reason it is not as common to find palladium rings is because the metal is very hard, almost as hard as platinum but cheaper, so it requires almost the same amount of work as platinum to shape but the jewelers can charge the platinum price. Unfortunately, the wedding ring FI and I fell in love with doesn't come in palladium and we can afford to have it custom made or in platinum so we went with the white gold (so my ring metals don't match). I would maybe try looking at wedding rings as well to see if that helps you choose between the two metals. If we could have gotten my wedding ring in palladium we would have.
  • I would also go with palladium if you can afford it.  The main issue with white gold is that it will yellow over time and if you like the pure white color, you will have to get it redipped.  That is an added expense and also a pain (not having it while you drop it at the jewelers).  Although some people actually like the kind of antique look of the aged white gold.  But if you really want a white metal ring, like platinum, go with palladium.
  • White gold won't "yellow" over time.

    The issue is that the rhodium plating on the white gold wears away and the ring needs to be replated or re-"dipped".

    If you don't replate the ring, what you have is the bare white gold which will never have the lustre of platinum, palladium or rhodium.  Platinum, palladium and rhodium are in the same metal family and are pure metals.    As stated above, white gold is an alloy of yellow gold and a "white" metal - but the actual metal will never have the same look as what you see in a jeweler's case.
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    My palladium ring was slightly cheaper than the white gold version of the same ring.  Not sure why but I didn't argue about it.  :)  I have metal allergies so white gold wasn't an option for me. 
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