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New Hampshire

Re: Dear FI Thursday

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    Dear FI,
    I'm a little aggravated that you're up in Maine having fun while I'm stuck here at work.  I was hoping you would get some productive things done while you were there (like finding a job).  I'm also jealous that you're out celebrating the end of your student teaching with friends that weren't so nice to me at the end of the semester.
    I hope you have a safe ride home and I can't wait to see you.
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    Dear FI,

    I'm so glad you had fun on your fishing trip in Maine! I was so happy you decided to stay at my place last night rather than drive straight back to Connecticut.  It was nice having you home in the middle of the week! It'll be even better when we're married and I get to see you every day of the week!

    I can't wait for our camping trip this weekend! It's going to be so much fun! See you tomorrow!

    Future Wifey
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    Dear FI,
    I'm super excited to spend the whole weekend with you. It's going to be busy but fun!
    See you tomorrow!
    Love, Me

    dhdaydream - does your FI live in CT? Mine does too and it sucks lol
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    Dear FI,
    I love you and really want you to have friends and have fun.  I know it sucks when you work with all women. 

    But, when we talked about having a BBQ with all of our friends and family I thought we agreed that it would be an end of summer bash.  I'm really not into meeting your very superficial friend who only cares about the size of a girls waist and boobs.  I know its a stupid reason to not want to  have the BBQ next week.  But 10 day notice for me after you went ahead and told them about a week ago is not cool. 

    How are we ever going to get the house ready to tip top party condition.  I have real high standards about the house being pristine when its not our family. 

    Come on now!  Work with me here you sexy thing lol
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    Dear FI, 

    Its been so fun going and seeing places with you. It makes everything feel even more real! I can't believe its almost June already!! 4 Months!

    Also, thank you for the encouragement and help on keeping up the motivation for the job search! And thank you for helping with the invitations last night. You were so cute! haha

    Can't wait to see more places and hang out this weekend.

    Love, ME
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    Yes, he does.  It's really hard.  I hate it! He got a job in Hartford about 2 months after we started dating, so most of our relationship has been long distance where every single weekend, one of us is driving to either CT or NH.

    I'm going to be moving down to CT when we get married, and it's kind of scary! I'm so happy to be with FI, but relocating, job hunting, etc. is a bit intimidating.
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