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What to pay for now!

Hey ladies, 
Im newly engaged and Me and my fiance plan to get married in 2013 (10 years together). Well my BFF just got married and was swamped with things to do as time got closer. She begged and begged me to start early in the planning process so that my life is not consumed with wedding stuff as the day gets closer. I have not picked a venue yet, but I do want to start getting things and paying for things little by little. Any suggestions on what I can start getting or doing now, since I have about a year and a half before the Big Day.

Thank you 

Re: What to pay for now!

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    get the venue, hire a photographer...sooner you book those the less you will pay. also, these vendors are likely to raise rates year to year, if you lock in a contract you do not have to worry about that and most venues and photographers will allow a payment plan of some kind.
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    definately get your venue. most work out a payment plan where the first few months you pay a pretty decent chunk will allow you to breath easier and focus on the other vendors and paying those off. i have been engaged a year and 2 months. we are getting married in May and we managed to get everything almost paid off already. we got the big wedding stuff done and now its just details. a lot of details..
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