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Lingerie Shower, HELP!

Hey ladies, I need some help fast! I was asked to help with planning a lingerie shower for a friend. I was under the impression that I wasn't needed for much more than gathering addresses and helping get things together the day of. Well, apparently the girl who was hosting has decided that she's pissed off at the bride and isn't doing anything for this shower. I haven't been able to get in touch with her for almost 2 weeks now and I'm freaking out. I asked the bride for the few addresses that I didn't have so she's expecting a shower on the 19th and I don't have any idea what to do. She doesn't want a wild bachelorette party, just something mellow.

Anyone have any laid back lingerie shower ideas that I can put together in less than 2 weeks without breaking the bank. I didn't anticipate this being a huge financial obligation when I agreed to help and am trying not to go broke.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Lingerie Shower, HELP!

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    At my lingerie shower, we had frozen sangria, cake, key lime and strawberry cheese balls with cookies to dip, fruit salad, cheese and crackers, all kinds of little snack-type things. You could get some snack trays at the grocery store or Sam's Club.

    We also played some shower games my mom found on the web. And we watched 27 Dresses. That was it, really.
  • saric83saric83 member
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    So is this supposed to be her bachelorette party too?  In my circle, it's pretty typical to have a mini-shower before continuing with the festivities of the evening.  Is that what you're talking about or will this soley be a quick shower?

    Is there any chance to push it out further to after Thanksgiving to give yourself more time and to give guests more of a heads up?   
  • Grits8812Grits8812 member
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    i was always under the impresion that showers like this just had snacks in bowls and maybe little finger foods with some easy decorations and a small cake or cupcakes for everyone.

    keep it simple. i bet she will understand what happened and see that it isnt about the food and decorations anyway. 

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    I think it depends on how much you are willing to DIY, and if you can enlist any helpers.

    I went to a lingerie shower/wine party. There was some sangria, tea, and lemonade (saved on not having soda), and then she bought a few large bottles of wine, a chardonay and a riesling. She also asked a few of the brides cousins (I was one of them), who wasn't in the wedding but still wanted to help in charge of something. We all brought a small appetizer to share and was in charge of something small ex: table cloths from dollar store for tables, or paper products.
    It was a a really fun girls night, and the bride loved it. I know it will be difficult with the bank, but maybe you can just ask the other bridesmaid who was originally helping if she would at least pitch in some money? Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you :)
  • VNEluvsAJBVNEluvsAJB member
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    Thanks for the advice ladies. I've tried to enlist help from others but nobody seems interested. So, I'm going to get a few pretty flowers to put around. Pick up a few bottles of wine and some desserts and call it a shower. I'm typically much more of a Martha Stewart type and spend a month planning something. I think I was just freaked out about trying throw something together in a couple weeks but it'll all work out.
    Thanks again for all the advice/tips.
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