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Another cake thread!!!

Did your H smear the cake on your face?


Do you think FI will smear the cake on your face?
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Re: Another cake thread!!!

  • I'll start!  Yes H did do that, but I got him back really good.  Also, people got some really good pictures of it!  I thought I would be mad, but it really lightened the mood and really showed our relationship, we are totally goof balls. I wasn't mad at all, I was actually laughing really hard lol :o)
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  • We did not! In fact, (like I mentioned in the other thread,) we almost didn't even have a cake, mostly because we find the "traditions" around it somewhat cheesy. 
    Our compromise with my parents to even get a cake was that we didnt' cut it!
    We just walked over to it and took a picture standing next to it.
  • He has mentioned wanting to do it and I told him he is a dead man if he does.  I have no desire to have cake smashed on my face and think the whole thing is stupid and cheesey.
  • No. H and I both dilike being the center of attention. If there weren't 100 people and cameras watching us, we might have done some smashing (or threatened smashing), but we awkwardly cut it, fed it to one another and moved on. H feels like the cake cutting (there was ribbon on the cake and it wasn't removed, which made cutting impossible and even more awkward) was the worst part of the night, and the one thing he would do over if he could change things.
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  • We definitely will not be smashing cake, I've told FI many times that I will be extremely upset if he does that.  We haven't discussed yet whether we'll do a big show of cutting the cake, as it having everyone watch it.  I'd rather just go over and do it while everyone is finishing up dinner, so our photographer can get some photos, but not make a big show of it for everyone.
  • H and I did NOT.  We both were against it, but H was adamant that he would be VERY unhappy if I did that to him. 

    I've seen it done, and sometimes it's really cute and seems playful and natural.  I've seen it other times where it looks completely cheesey and contrived.  I think it just really depends on the couple!


  • no, i find it very disrespectful  to the person, not to mention its just bad manners to play with your food/have a food fight/etc.

    we didnt even cut a cake because i thought it was silly.  we just had a cake that was cut and served.  it wasnt even displayed as it wasnt a "wedding" cake.
  • We did not, and my husband was very adamant that he didn't want to.

    He did give me nothing but frosting in my one bite of the groom's cake, though.



  • We had no cake-in-the-face except for a small amount I accidentally got on my husband's nose trying to give him a bite.

    Then when they were passing out the cake, I got caught chatting with some friends and when I made it back to our table, I see my husband stuffing cake in his mouth suspiciously and the his best man laughing. He had not only already eaten his own piece but mine as well! Sneaky.
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    FI has been told repeatedly that cake in my face = instant divorce.

    J/K... but seriously, I hate that. 

  • No, we didn't when I got married.

    When DD got married, I told her FI how much her makeup artist and hair dresser cost and he would OWE me if he tried.

    Honestly, I think it's a matter of respect for each other.
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