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Generally how long should you give to send out invitations for a bridal shower? My shower is January 7th and the shower invites went out the second week of December. My sister has received mostly "no" responses so far. Should she have sent out the invites earlier? The end of November or the first week in December? We are just getting a little concerned because we have a to meet a 50 person minimum where the shower is being held. I tried to get them to send the invites out at least a month or more in advance but no one would listen to me and she swears the second week in December was plenty of time.

Re: Shower Question.....

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    Usually four weeks before the shower would be plenty of time to respond to a invitation, but this is a busy time of year for many people. If there is an RSVP date on them, your sister should wait until a few days past the date and then call all those that haven't responded.

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