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Our wedding hotel block is in Healdsburg, our wedding is in Kenwood, CA. I'm looking for a very special hotel for my fiancé and I to stay the night of our wedding - our first night as husband and wife. I need suggestions and some feedback.

Our budget? Well, it will be a gift from a family member and they didn't tell me a price. I’m guessing that I can spend around $300 and maybe up to $400/night.

What I'm looking for? A special room with a fireplace and plush bed and amenities. Not an ordinary room, something that we would need to save up for in future years and celebrate anniversaries there.

Am I wrong in wanting a special room at a boutique hotel?
Should I consider suites at regular chain hotels like Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott? I probably have enough hotel points to get a free room.
Any hotel suggestions? I've looked at the following:
Jim Ash Vintners Inn - love the look of their rooms, but has a minimum two night stay
Hotel Healdsburg – a little plain and a lot expensive
Healdsburg Inn – I like this one
Auberge du Soleil – too expensive
Madrona Manor  - not what I’m looking for
DuChamp – completely lovely, but too expensive

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    Hmm I would try to find out what the person who's giving the room as a gift is comfortable with paying. That would help you narrow your choices down a lot.
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    I can't give any recommendations for the area you are looking for however I will say that it is definetly not wrong to want a nice room at a boutique hotel. I would definetly stay away from the chains. Marriot and Hyatt hotels are both really nice, but not very memorable. I would suggest a B&B. My fiance and I are staying at a very cute B&B in Sacramento where all of the rooms are decorated differently. They also serve you fresh baked cookies each night with turn down and the room has a fireplace and jacuzzi tub. 
    I do agree with Katelyn you may need to try and find out a price range.

    I wish you well on finding a place.

    P.S. Healdsberg Inn looks lovely.
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