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AW: WR (yes I like acroynms)

Hi.  I know you've missed me so I thought I would AW some.


Anyhoar, so things have been going mostly well in the wedding dept.  We have a photographer (clicky).  He's wicked.  And his second shooter is his gf/my old HS friend.  Goodtimes.  And we've got a DJ (clicky) annnd our wedding rings are in (see previous AWness).  However, I've gotten myself stressed about our honeymoon.  I was almost in tears over it the other night..

So I find a travel agent and I go in, tell them what company I want, how much I have, where I want to go, what type of payments we are able to make ($500 down and the rest by Sept 1...which is the EXACT same deal my brother got there YESTERDAY) and that it needs to be Oct/Nov/Dec. They give me prices that are too high, not for resorts I mentioned and oh yeah, pay up-front.

Then I go to another place and get the same thing.

Am I not speaking clearly over the past 3 days? Is there a sign that says "Don't take me seriously" on my forehead? Like WTF DUDE?!

Anyhoar, we have decided to just leave it until June and try to book something then. The prices will not go up, if anything they'll go down and we'll have the full amount by then so we can book, pay and give'r. But shouldn't be THIS HARD to give people my money!

Oh.  And my invitations are being printed for assembly.  MUAHAHAHAHA!

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Re: AW: WR (yes I like acroynms)

  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    Yay Paige!
  • AudgiePodgeAudgiePodge member
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    Yay on the progress!  Don't let planning the HM stress you.  Try to keep it out of your mind until you're ready to book again in June.
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  • MLekathLEENMLekathLEEN member
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    Omg!!! Don't stress about your hm. Fi and I decided to go on vaca a few Monday's back and didn't decide where to go until 4:30am tuesday on the way to the airpor at 6:30am (all connections were same airport).. I booked the hotel in Denver in-between flights. If we can do that, you can get a hm you want by September. Plus we flew stand-by. Were either THAT good or crazy, probably the later.
  • Beads921Beads921 member
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    Are you a CAA member? We recently used a travel agent through them, and we were pretty happy with the experience overall. Just some food for thought - it didn't cost us, as members, anything, and won't unless you want to do something crazy complicated (which it doesn't sound like you do). The HM should be one of the less-stressful parts of planning!

    I'm glad to hear other pieces are coming together well, though.
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  • calindicalindi member
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    Paige - I'm happy to help you look! I dunno about the differences between Canada vacation booking and US vacation booking, but in terms of identifying locations and finding deals and negotiating with hotels, I'm a champ (completely unmodestly).  Just shoot me a PM when you're ready in a few weeks/months after you have your breather and I'll help you look.  I plan vacations for fun in my spare time, so I'd be happy to plan a real one!
  • luvdncn90luvdncn90 member
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    Yay!! Glad it is all going well, don't stress to much about the honeymoon. It will allwork itself out. :)
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    Your use of the word "anyhoar" = iced tea ALL over my keyboard.  Thanx for that.
  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    That sucks about the travel agents. i think you are right to take a breather, no need to rush on the HM and it shouldn't be stressful anyways!

    As for everything else, yeah!
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    I was just going to suggest what Cate said- do you  have to go through a travel agent to book it? I'm not sure what you're looking for but it might be worth a shot to look around yourself.

    But yay for getting more stuff done!
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