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My fiance and I plan on having our reception at the Botanical center, in the dome where all the plants are, not the big oak room. We have around 230 people and we want to have appetizer stations set up around the area and a dj in the balcony so we can dance below. Has anyone heard of this? Do you think guests will enjoy it (there is room for 70 to sit in the cafe and random seating around the dome.) Also do you think people will dance? It is in October so I am not concerned about heat. Any help on if anyone has ever been to anything like this would really be great!! Thanks alot!

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    I think it would be nice, however I would make sure with the Botanical center that it's possible with that amount of people. Also I have heard that it gets really stuffy in the dome on some nights.

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    I like your idea. But i agree with meduisa, it can get stuffy in there, maybe have fans available? extra bottled water?

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    Even in October you think it will get stuffy? My fiance's cousin runs it and he told me over and over it will be fine and not hot at all bc of October. I am still worried though.
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    I think that it would get stuffy. All the plants in the dome are tropical so the heat will be on.You also said that you wouold have 230 people there so you should take into account their body heat too. Good luck with your planning.

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