when trying to contact a venue was it easier to do it through email or to actually call and speak with someone?!

i am getting anxious waiting to hear back from some emails that i sent out!
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Re: venues!

  • Usually if I send an email and I dont get a response between a day and a day and a half, I will call.

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  • yay! i just got a call from the chandler house and am meeting with them monday the 16th!!

    did you get any pictures yesterday??
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  • I personally always called first. I know it's good to get stuff in writing, but I preferred talking to someone about it.
  • I did almost all contacting via email, but that's just my personal preference and it was easier with my work schedule.  Calling some places at 7 am or 6 pm isn't always convenient and I didn't have too many chances to make phone calls during the day.
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  • well- Like Hcorrigan said-  e-mail is sometimes more convenient- but I tend to like to keep the ball in my court- so I usually will call, and if I get no answer and go to VM or soemthing, I will just hang up and call again when I have more time later on. 
  • I email first for basic information and quotes, because I like to have documentation and that I could refer to and keep track of. If I'm still interested, then I would set up a chat by phone or through Skype to discuss the information. If the vendor doesn't respond in 2 or 3 days, I email them again and leave a voicemail. If they still don't respond to me in a reasonable time I cross them off my list. If I can't get a hold of them now as a potential customer, I probably would have a hard time later as well.

    I'm planning from far away and this works well for me.
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