Rehersal Dinner venue in Downtown Cleveland?

We are having out reception at the Marriott at Key Center in downtown Cleveland and many of our guests will be staying there. We would like to find a nice restaraunt in the downtown area so that our guests will not have to drive far and will also be able to see a bit of what the city has to offer. I have already checked with The Greenhouse Tavern and Chinato on E 4th st. Does anyone know of anywhere else?

Re: Rehersal Dinner venue in Downtown Cleveland?

  • Mallorca is a great restaurant, it's on W6th or W9th if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if they have a private room though.
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    I don't know your budget, but try Lola, it is one of Mike Symon's places. I looked into them for mine and have eaten there many times. It is on the pricier side, but the food is great.
  • Pickwick and Frolic & LaStrada on East 4th also have private spaces... May be worth looking into! 
  • Try the Chophouse (in the warehouse dist), it's one of my favorites. They have a really great back room that you could definitely use for a rehersal dinner.
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  • We're looking into Chocolate Bar... their prices are really reasonable and food is excellent... plus the chocolate martinis are to die for!  But the biggest group they can accomidate is 25.
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    If you prefer laid back and casual you can do Winking Lizard on Huron. I had mine there and it was fun and not stuffy. My wedding was at Wyndham at Playhouse Square and they had a shuttle take us after the rehearsal to Winking Lizard and pick us up. We had the whole front room which is neat with lots of windows and we picked out some sandwiches, salads, fish, ribs, etc to offer people and had tons of appetizers and a special drink menu with martinis like the "Flirtini" everyone raved how nice it was to be in a casual setting, perfect for low key mingling! Or you can try Ponte Vechio? Pura Vida, there is an italian place,  http://www.osteriacleveland.com/ 
    I would have booked if I wanted more fancy. It's supposed to be real good. Good luck!
  • I'm getting married at the Club too!  We are doing our rehearsal for about 50 at Pura Vida- we went and looked at it last weekend and it seems really, really great- tons of food options that sound delish, and they support local Cleveland businesses, are very green, and are practically across the street from the Marriott.

    The other places in the running for us were the Chocolate Bar, Massimo de Milano, and Pickwick and Frolic, in that order.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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