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debating having a mehndi due to cost

What costs are involved in the mehndi and how much does it cost to throw one?

When is best time to have it?

Re: debating having a mehndi due to cost

  • The mehndi can either be a large affair at a catering hall or similiar or you can have it be a smaller event at home depending on your preference. I opted to have a smaller event at my parents home with just immediate family two days prior to the wedding. We got married on a Sunday so we had the mehndi on the Friday before. It's usually done one or two days prior to the wedding do that the color is rich and dark for the wedding ceremony.
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    I had my Mehendi on a Thursday and our wedding was on Saturday.  We had it at my parents' house.  I actually liked it better that way.  It was less formal and a lot of fun without all the stress of planning another event.  We invited just the cousins and aunts.  The girl who did my mehendi started mine around 1pm and it took about 2-2 1/2 hours for mine.  While I was getting mine done, everyone else was arriving at the house and we ordered lunch.  When she was done with mine, she started doing everyone elses.  Since we were on a budget, we limited the relative's mehendi to getting it done fully on one hand and half on the other hand.  We also had her come to our Sangeet, which was on Friday, to do mehendi for whatever other guests/friends wanted theirs done.  

    We didn't give any gifts at our Mehendi or Sangeet, since we were paying for everyone to get their mehendi done.  We just gave small favors at the wedding reception.  The person I used was not very expensive and she did a wonderful job.  The color of the mehendi gets darker over the next day after it is applied, and stays dark for quite a while.  It took a good 2 weeks for mine to almost completely fade away.  It fades away fastest on the hands since they are washed the most frequently.  

    I'd be happy to give you her name or send you pics.  My email is [email protected]  Good luck!
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