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The cost of veils????

So I just came back from Erica Koesler Warehouse! They were VERY nice had tons of veils not your typical place to get veils but hey anything to save a buck right?

Anyway...so they showed me a few veils...some I LOVED soooooo much! Some were just ok...but when we talked prices I was Surprised I thought they were STILL expensive for a warehouse.

I loved a cathederal length veil with flower embroidered (that's the best I could describe it) flowers with rhintestones and pearls it goes from being thin to very thick to the end...when I asked the price it was $250...I was blown is that much $.

Is that what veils really cost? I did not get that veil only reason was because of the price but I did find a plain white 2 layer veil for $50. I took the plunge on that one because I do want to wear it for the b-session. Oh and I got a cute broach thingy for my hair I really liked it so I spent $45

So what price range should veils be I know it all depends on bling and whatever decoaration veils should be...I think I would of bought it but something told me not toUndecided

Re: The cost of veils????

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    well it depends on how much detail you want. i got a plain, single layer chapel length veil (it's way longer than my train because i'm short) for $20 on ebay. shipping was free and the quality is great. maybe you can consult with the veil lady from the oc boards. i think the business name is "crowning glory" and i always hear about how great her prices are. just a thought. good luck!
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    I had my veil made by Candi Merle of Crowing Glory. I used to see tons of recs for her on this board, which is how I found out about her.

    She was awesome to work with, and my veil was only $35. It is very simple- 2 layer, ivory, fingertip length, with ivory ribbon details. So I'm sure something beaded, embroidered, etc would be more....but I doubt anywhere near $250!

    I emailed her and we set a time for me to go to her house. I brought my dress and she looked at it, she has a closet FULL of samples of all styles and lengths. We tried a bunch on before picking the style I did. Then she made my veil within 2 weeks and mailed it to me (it was a 45 min drive from Pasadena, so it was worth the shipping).

    I have only good things to say about the experience! My veil is beautiful, it came quickly, and since it was made just for me, I really got what I wanted. And I spent less on it than probably anything else related to the wedding!
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    OH OK! Are you speaking of Candi? I think that's her nameUndecided but $20 isn't bad at all.

    I think I should of done a bit more research on this one
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
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    I got my veil at the Erica Koesler warehouse. It was more expensive for me than I had originally thought, too. Mine was $175. Of course, I had to like something that was not on super sale. I think her stuff can often be in the $400 range at the regular stores. Her stuff is very pretty, but you can definitely find cheaper.
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    Oh thanks for the info Mellie! Should of known that. Now I feel ripped off that simple veil I just got boooo on meFrown oh well! 

    I still want a Cathedral veil since Vans posted that pic of her veil just flying off so beautiful I want 1 picture like that too. So I don't want to spend all this $$ for one pic...but that one veil sure was beautiful!
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
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    Based on what everyone else has said, I would definitely try Candi Merle next.
  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    I got mine for about 65, it was a double teared fingertip veil with pearls and crystals. I got it Royal Accessories in DT.

    I described the same one to Candi, and she quoted me with 125...so i saved a lot by getting it at the DT place.

    I also got a second veil on this one website (i"ll try to find it) for like the total of $27 (shipping included) but it was on sale. It was a plane single layer chapel lengh veil.
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    I got my cathedral-length veil at glam gal designs via the internet.  It was a pricey veil($408), but I wanted the embroidery and beadwork put into it.  They will do a veil in any color combination you choose.  I chose my colors to match my dress, and the scrollwork that's on my veil really echos the embroidery on my dress too(I got lucky with that one).

    I had gone to other sites too and throught they were pricey.  But if you go to www.glamgal.com you can see how much all their veils cost.  One thing to keep in mind:  if you order a custom-made veil that has beadwork and a great deal of embroidery on it--it's better to order it now.  They take a while to make.  I ordered my veil in July and it arrived in September.
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    Vans that would be great if you found it and I think I will go to DT LA for anything else I need. Thanks!

    I just can't justify paying so much for a veil, as beautiful as it may be...$300, $400 even $500!!! I guess that's why it was just not in me to spend the $250 on the one I really liked. 

    Thanks Ladies for all the help Laughing
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    I was shocked at how much veils were too, I'm only wearing mine for the ceremony so I didn't want to spend a lot on one for an hour.  I ended up ordering mine from a seller on etsy, with shipping it came to $45.  It is waist length and has scattered swarvoski (sp?) crystals all over it.  I haven't received it yet but it was the only one that I found that I really liked for the price.  I would say try etsy if candi doesn't work out or just browse for fun. GL!

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    I wanted a fingertip single layer veil with rhinestones on it. I went to DT LA and i found one but it was a double layer for $100. I asked the girl if they had a single layer with rhinestones, they did but it cost $50, but told me that they sell the veil by it self for $7.50 and i can put the rhinestones on myself. I was soo excited i bought the veil and went down the street and bought my swaroski rhinestones.
  • imlovingitimlovingit member
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    I recommend ebay and downtonw. I saw some veils as cheap as $30. Just look and look!
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