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New York-Long Island


Does anyone on Long Island know where one could rent a peacock or 2 for a few hours? I know they are messy and sometimes loud, but I think this would make a beautiful addition to the ceremony and pictures. I have searched the web and have only found places to buy them. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Thanks so much fellow brides!!!

Re: Peacocks

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    I have no idea where you could rent a peacock, but have you considered the logistics of having them at your wedding? What if they wander away? What if they are pooping all over the grass that your guests are walking on? Also I'm not sure if you know this, but peacocks can be VERY loud, and sound like a screaming woman when they cry. Just something to take into account, not sure if that's something you want to worry about during your ceremony.
  • dbkb2012dbkb2012 member
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    I know that the bright and colorful feathers are only during their mating period, so if your wedding won't coincide with that season, you'll have dull, boring, loud birds. =/
  • nicole1125nicole1125 member
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    I dont know where you can rent them but I do know that the Westbury Manor has them on there venue they just walk around the property.....just a side thought if you didnt book a venue yet and you really wanted them and couldnt find a place to rent them....
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    why not try just incorporating the colors of the peacock into your ceremony and such?  Get flowers in purple, teal, etc and accentuate with peacock feathers...
    also, Etsy has a lot of great kitchy peacock items like peacock feather shoe and hair clips. I even saw peacock boutonnieres!  Could be a great way to honor these beautiful birds!
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  • alithebridealithebride member
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    i'd double check with your venues before going through all ofthat-would they allow one?


  • XxKrazy4uXxKrazy4u member
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    coincidently....the woman who lives behind me breeds them and OMG they are so ANNOYING and loud.  We dont really talk to those neighbors though....as my fiances husky/wolf mix broke into the cage like 10 yrs ago and ate all of them. she now has probably 4 xs as many. my fiances mother thinks its just because she wants to aggivate her more. At any rate they are very loud and sound like fighting cats which im not sure you want to deal with at your reception. BTW i live in wading river.
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