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Rehearsal dinner: BYO pie?

The groom's sister is generously hosting our rehearsal dinner, which looks like it will be at a nice restaurant.  I had wanted to get my FH a groom's pie, 'cause he's not big on cake, and since we don't really want to do pie for the wedding itself (not to mention that we really can't afford both pie and cake for that many people), I thought I'd surprise him with pie at the rehearsal dinner.  But that would require bringing an outside dessert into a restaurant that already serves dessert (though not pie).  Is that bad form, or is it considered common/allowable?
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Re: Rehearsal dinner: BYO pie?

  • Ask your venue.  NYS can have some strict rules about bringing in outside food, particularly if it's not purchased from a licensed kitchen (such as a bakery).  (I was married in upstate NY as well.)  Some venues are more willing to let outside food in than others.  For example, my dad made our wedding cupcakes and our RD cake; our reception venue wanted us to have a small sign explaining they were home-made but our RD restaurant wasn't as concerned.  I'd call your venue and ask a manager; if you get permission to bring something in, I'd make sure it was noted on your reservation or party form.

  • We checked with the Manager at our RD location and he was completely fine with it :)


  • Call and ask. Our RD venue allowed us to bring our own cake.
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  • Ask RD venue. My MIL brought in her own cake at ours, and they didn't care, but some places have policies against it.

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