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photographer friend: guest or employee

we have a friend that we intend to invite to our wedding, they happen to be a photographer. we dont know if it's appropriate to ask them to be our photographers or just let them be out invited guests and enjoy our wedding.

Re: photographer friend: guest or employee

  • Well I know from experience that there's no way to really work and enjoy the wedding so you need to decide which you'd rather they do. If they're a full time photographer my hunch is they'd probably like to be invited to a wedding instead of hired for one.
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    I have photographers in my family, but I didn't want to put them to work when I thought they should be enjoying the wedding. And I figured what if they were enjoying themselves dancing, can I really fault them for not being on the prawl for good picture opportunities?
    You have to figure out whether or not you would rather have that friend as a guest or not. I would hope if they were getting paid they would remember that, but it may be hard if their friends are all dancing and they are working.

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  • if you enjoy their work, why not ask the source? i would go to them and ask them if they would be insulted if you hired someone else and had them as guests.
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    Are you asking them because you love their work or because you think you can get a good deal?  I would avoid this, I have heard too many stories of broken friendships when a friendor photographs a couples wedding.  Also, they can't photograph your wedding and also attend a a guest.
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  • You either have to be a guest, or the photographer, it's REALLY hard to be both. Trust me. I've photographed 3 friend weddings, and it really is very difficult. In my case, they weren't close friends but it's still really hard because you do not get to enjoy yourself as a guest. It's also hard to dodge other friends who are guests wanting to stop you to chat.

    We have a wedding 2 weeks before ours for a friend. FI is a groomsman and I'm the photographer. In this case, I really want to be able to enjoy some of the reception. I was very upfront with them about this and let them know that if they really wanted me to photograph it I would do it, but that my second shooter would be covering the bulk of the reception. (I will still cover the ceremony & key reception moments like dances, cake cutting, etc.)
  • I have a bunch of friends and family who have amazing photograpy skills and will be at the wedding. What I have done is hired a professional photographer, and in addition asked all the guests who love taking pictures if they wouldn't mind taking a few candids if they would like to. All of them are excited to take some pictures if they find the oppertunity, but none of them have the stress of being "the photographer". 
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