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Has anyone ever used this website? If you did, how was their service?

This is the shoe I'm looking at:
I'd like to dye it red. This website says it isn't dyable, but on this website:
it says that shoe IS dyable. Which one should I believe? Undecided

Re: Bridal Shoes Canada

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    Just a thought - there will probably be lots of shoe stores selling red dress shoes as Christmas approaches. Perhaps consider checking those out before going to the trouble of ordering online and worrying about whether or not the shoes can be dyed.
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    Agreed with ring pop.

    I have never used Bridal Shoes Canada so I can't give an opinion on that..but I really think red shoes would be easy to find, especially this time of year.  Plus, there's a good chance they'd even be cheaper!

    Or if you want to try online, have you ever looked at or  They have tons of selections..I've been looking for apple green shoes (which are a pain to find!) and found a couple options on Zappos! (Going to pick them up from Canada Post tomorrow as I missed them today!! I will let you know what they are like when I get them!)

    I found these for you..if you wanted to add more bling I've seen girls add broaches or charms to the shoes:

    My order from Zappos took 7 business days :)

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your help. I HAVE been searching all over the place online and in stores and it's been a struggle to find anything close to what I wanted. Problem is I'm super picky about shoes. Because of the shape of my feet, shoes without straps don't work for me, and I'm even unstable in a slingback heel (so thanks tiffbot but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for) so I wanted an ankle strap. I also prefer closed toe shoes which complicated the matter. Last night I actually found a cheaper shoe from Light in the Box and ordered it. I know the quality won't be all there, but I probably won't wear the shoe much anyways besides the wedding. I wanted it soon because you DO need shoes for your dress fitting and my first fitting is coming up soon since my wedding is about two months away. Here is the shoe:

    They had a special deal on shipping so I should get it in about 3-5 days. I'll let you know how it turns out!
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    That's great!  Glad you found something you like and hopefully when you get them in they'll work out great for you! 
    They're very pretty!

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