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I am looking at the Great Room in Savage Mill and the price seems very reasonable. My only concern is a hotel in close proximity that isn't shady. I saw pictures online of the Comfort Inn and they weren't very impressive. Has anyone been to a wedding there and if so where did guests stay?

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    The space is lovely. I haven't been to a wedding there, but Mr. LK and I love to have brunch at Rams Head, which is in Savage Mill, too. We admire it every time we pass, and such a nice view of the river. Columbia hotels aren't too far away. Maybe you could check some of them out.
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    This is where my reception is going to be. I LOVE it. We live in the Columbia/Ellicott City area so we are planning on using a hotel near us as well as one near BWI, as that is just as close but in the opposite direction. Sorry I don't have specific names yet - we havent reserved rooms anywhere.
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    I second that, we live maybe 10 minutes from Savage Mill, Columbia is a great place to look.
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    Thank you! I will look into that.
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    We just had our wedding reception at the Great Room on October 22nd, and it was great -- having the Ram's Head Tavern to retreat to for an after-party is a nice touch.  The leaves were just turning outside the big windows and it was gorgeous.  Her family is mostly Baltimore-based, so they just drove in for the day. My family and friends came from all over, and we made the Sheraton Columbia Town Center our base ops for the weekend -- my parents used the restaurant there for the rehearsal dinner as well.  It's not *super* close to the reception, maybe 15-20 minutes, but as you've noticed, what you're closest to is the sketch-ville of US-1.  The Sheraton was my mother's choice primarily for the convenience of having the rehearsal dinner in-house where everyone was staying; I was mildly concerned based on some older negative reviews I'd seen here, but let me tell you, the Sheraton was also fantastic.  Bethe Brekke (group sales) and Bebe (catering manager) made it a wonderful weekend -- and I don't want to knock the Great Room at Savage Mill, but the rehearsal dinner was the bomb-diggity.  We didn't have any problems even though there were two other wedding parties in the hotel that weekend.  They have a big 2-bedroom penthouse suite on the 10th floor, and a club suite with living room on the 9th floor that we used for the bride Friday night (with room for her girls to get their hairs-did on Saturday morning, 2 bathrooms) and as our honeymoon suite Saturday night.  We secured both about 3-4 months in advance.  And I don't know how much it cost, but I'm pretty sure my mother also managed to hire the Sheraton's shuttle specifically to come round up my older relatives from Savage Mill and get them back to the hotel, so that's an option to consider.  And then plenty of our wedding party kept the fun going at the hotel bar even after Ram's Head. 

    I booked two smaller blocks at the Courtyard by Marriott and the Hilton Garden Inn nearby, simply b/c as a frequent traveler I know some people like to accumulate/use their elite points.  The Courtyard looked nice online, and the HGI is right by Victoria Gastro Pub which we used to eat at a lot, so we know it's a nice quiet area.

    I put all these and a few other options on a Google Map on our website if you want to check distances and such:

    Good luck!
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    What a beautiful, unique venue. When we started looking for venues, I was getting bored by all the same looking banquet halls in hotels. Then we walked into the Great Room (and it wasn't even set up for an event) and I knew this was the place. It has a very romantic, victorian feel, high ceilings, ballroom atmosphere. Then we met with Angie Wise, the most flexible, laid back, pleasant wedding coordinator that we had met with yet. The entire process of setting everything up (from picking out colors to food tasting) was fun and not stressful. She even gave us suggestions on nice local hotels and transport between them (as the Great Room does not have a hotel), which was a huge relief as I thought this was the only downfall of the Great Room. Angie was so prompt with all my last minute e-mails and helped calm down a nervous, (borderline bride-zilla) bride. Even though Angie has done a million weddings, I felt like mine was the only one she was planning. I would highliy recommend this venue (along with Angie Wise) and can truly say it was the best night of my life!
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