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We're thinking of doing a wedding in Rochester next summer.  I want it to be outdoors and have really beautiful scenery.  We've looked into:

Bristol Harbor
Sonnenberg Gardens
Highland Park- Lilac Arches
Oak Hill Country Club

Anyone with experience at any of these places?  Highland park looks particularly lovely, but I can't find much info on it.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Rochester Outdoor Weddings

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    Have you talked to the planner at Oak Hill? She's new, but seems really friendly and enthusiastic. I've been to a bunch of weddings at Oak Hill (pretty much all of my family has had their receptions there), and they always turn out really well. And the pastry chef is AMAZING.

    We were going to get married there, but then we decided we wanted to be married on Canandaigua Lake instead. That being said, do you know if there are any dates available? We talked to her in like May, and we took the second to last day available (but then dropped it) for next summer. For me, I love it, it is where I have always pictured my wedding, but in the end I just wanted somewhere a little more unique for a wedding (ie not the same wedding everyone else in my family has had).

    Also something to consider, there are always going to be a lot of golfers around, so it is not like you will be able to wonder all over the grounds, but the clubhouse and ballroom itself are pretty. I don't know how big your guest list is either, but I think only about 120 people fit in the ballroom, and then another 100 or so can fit in rooms that sort of look down over the ballroom. Oh, and I don't know what your connection with Oak Hill is or how much you have looked into it, but you have to at least know a member willing to sponsor you I believe.

    Sonnenberg is pretty too, another place we looked into, but I didn't feel like dealing with the Sonnenberg people, and then rental people, and then catering people, etc. I like places where it is all together. Same thing on Highland, except it was even harder to find info about it, and it seems like you have to deal with even more people. Both would be very pretty places though!

    Alsooo, my grandma golfed recently at Bristol Harbor, and she said the golf course is beautiful, the food at the restaurant is really good, but the banquet hall is pretty generic. I didn't look much further into than that, but if you do, and you like what you see, the food is good!

    Have you checked out Inn on the Lake? I have heard the food there is really good, and they can put up a really pretty tent out on the lawn. Not sure what dates they still have available though.

    Sorry, long response, but I just finished looking at a lot of places myself haha. Good luck!
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    Bristol Harbor was recently renovated and uses mahogany chiavaris as their banquet chairs, so you will save on the cost of chair covers.

    Oak Hill is beautiful but the banquet room is a little small if you have a wedding over 150.

    Sonnenberg is gorgeous and I just did an outdoor wedding there.

    Highland Park is a little too public for me.
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    I just had my outdoor wedding at Belhurst Castle. I loved it, and I've been told by all my guests that they loved it too.
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