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I am in the process of trying to find a location for two separate showers for friends with a guest list of about 75 and 100.  I came across Orlando Gardens as one option and I am wondering if anyone has any insight on it.  I am thinking the lunch buffet with the mimosa/bar option would be nice, but I am not sure how reasonable the place is.  I want to start looking at these places, but I am not going to waste their time if it is out of our budget.  Any one have an experience with them?  Thanks!
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Re: Orlando Gardens...

  • My senior prom and luncheon were both held at the South County location.  Nobody was very impressed.  The food was blah and the area was too small for the amount of people that were there.  Of course, that was over a decade ago, so things may have changed. 
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  • I think it would work out great for a shower. Their prices are pretty good to. Andre's off Telegraph is nice as well. Other options: The Christy and Sqwires.

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