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HELP!! Bella/Studio Blue Pictures

Has anyone heard of Studio Blue-- the wedding photography studio? I'd love to hear your opinions/experiences!
My fiance just booked them and suddenly I started finding some scary reviews-- but I'm confused. Those reviews were written by women who had never used Studio Blue and were only expressing their dislike for how the company is structured.
So... I really would like to hear from someone who has actually worked with (or is working with) Bella and Studio Blue--specifically Studio Blue.

Thanks a bunch, ladies!!

Re: HELP!! Bella/Studio Blue Pictures

  • I'm a bride in the planning process, and I am also a wedding photographer so I feel somewhat qualified to respond... I have never heard of this company. I have heard of Bella, but not Studio Blue. But I would be somewhat cautious about a bulk studio like Bella because you have little to no choice of the photographer who will actually be capturing your wedding day. You have no opportunity to make sure you "mesh" if you know what I mean. I think most brides would be better off picking a photographer nearby that you can meet with and get to know before the wedding. I hope that helps! :)
  • we are using bella. and yes you do have a choice as to who does your work and you do get to meet with them before the day. you set things up about two months out, and if you don't like who they've chosen, you tell them and they'll get you a new photographer. you meet with the photographer and go over their work, what you want, etc.

    we went with them because of exactly this reason, we have a choice and there are a LOT of photographers to choose from. our consultant already has said that she has two or three photographers in mind that she thinks would be perfect for us, so we'll see how that goes.

    never heard of studio blue, it's never been specifically mentioned.
  • Studio Blue is a little sister company of Bella Pictures. The photographers are the same and the process is as follows:

    1. You purchase a coverage package (meaning how many hours you want a photographer for)
    2. You rate a few hundred pictures and through this they screen your style (traditional or photojournalistic) and are matched with a photographer.
    3. You receive your photographer's portfolio and see if you agree with your match. If not, you ask for another one. They claim to have a 97% success rate when matching brides to a photographer.
    4. Two months before the wedding, you talk to your photographer to cover your needs (at this point, if you don't "click" you can ask for a new one)

    That's pretty much it. You get 100% rights to all of your pictures, too, which I liked. The pictures on their site are beautiful and very professional. But I've yet to hear from a bride who has used them.
  • We are using Studio Blue
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