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Wedding Wednesday

How's it going my loves? What are y'all busy with right now?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

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    So our big check this week is that our invitations are officially in the mail! I'm so excited about this. And hopefully next week when we get back from Las Vegas we'll come home to mailbox full of yes rsvps. 

    We're going to do some ring shopping while we're in Vegas, which I'm very excited about. I'm pretty nervous that we haven't checked that off the list still. Also, when we get back I'm going to set up all my final vendor meetings. 

    I booked a new MUA. She's right in our town, one of FI's co-workers daughters, and she does airbrush and false lashes, which I very much so wanted. Still need to call and cancel the other girl, but that's on my list for when we get back from vacation.

    Annnnnd, finally, I had my boudoirs on Monday. It was amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone not matter how you look or feel about your body. I'm not where I want to be yet but I left feeling so sexy and good about myself. For serious, do it! I am dying waiting to see them. Dying I tell you.

    Today is rough. I have to work late and it sucks sooooo bad. My head is not in work at all today. I'm so ready to hop on a plane and join FI in Vegas already. Just have to get through today. 
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    Whoo-hoo for getting your invites out!!

    I didn't accomplish much this past week. A little bit of work on centerpieces, and that's about it. I also typed out everyone's names and addresses so that I can pass that list and the envelopes along to my fiance's mom this weekend so she can get them addressed.

    I also purchased the groomsmen's gifts last week...my fiance will be taking them to a baseball game, and the tickets have $10 in concession value loaded onto them.

    I reserved a rental car for our honeymoon, and got the word from our ringbearer's mom that she ordered his suit. I wasn't worried about it matching exactly, and the rental would have been nearly $100, so I told her to just buy him a suit. That way she can sell it on ebay or whatever after the wedding, since he'll probably outgrow it right away.

    This weekend is going to be more centerpiece work, and then my shower is on Sunday!!
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    Fianlly got our proofs approved and our invites ordered, also ordered our favors...hoping to start on the programs this weekend...i have my boudoir shoot on Sunday, I am so nervous so thats where my all of my planning and energy are going this week...friday is the 3month mark, woohoo!  Hoping we can finally go look at rings this month!
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    Lexi, have fun on your boudoirs! I just did mine Monday and it was amazingly awesome!
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    We finally decided on and booked a beverage service.  Once they get our deposit check and cash it I want to call them and sign  up for a tasting for our signature cocktail that we're going to have (yay for monthly promotions!)  We shopped this past weekend.  JoAnn's was having a coupon commotion sale and FI had decided he wanted to make gift boxes for the WP gifts he's making sooooo we went to three different stores and got almost all the materials we needed for the boxes.  But we saved a good amount of money so I'm not really going to complain about all the different stores, lol.  FMIL bought some grommets for the corset back in my dress.  I'm not sure where we are with that, I hate to bug her about it and I know it'll get done but it's so stressful not having a dress yet, lol.
    I'm STILL waiting on FBIL to get the picture CD to me that I've been waiting for.  I love him dearly but he's starting to stress me out.  I'd really like to get the centerpieces started.  DS and FSIL have set up some practice times for the music they plan to play during the ceremony.  And the most exciting news is that my first choice for first look location agreed to allow me into the museum to take pictures!  They allow outdoor pictures in the pergola area (which has gorgeous and ancient wisteria growing on it) but I wanted to go inside and get pictures on the grand staircase and in front of some of the stained glass windows that are inside because they're absolutely gorgeous!  After a short discussion with them and an agreed upon "donation" they said okay to going inside.  YAY!
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    Hi girls!

    I had a very productive weekend.  My florist appointment got rescheduled, but I was able to get a cake tasting scheduled last minute.  FI had to work, so his mom made the trip with me, which was very nice.  We've never really spent a day together, so it was nice to have that time and see her get excited for the wedding and stuff.  She also got to see our venue for the first time, and she loved it.  Picked our cake, so delicious, I cannot wait!  I was having a hard time finding something I liked, but Friday night I found a picture I loved and it just all fell into place so quickly.  After cake, we met up with my parents for lunch and then went to the venue for a decor planning session.  It made everything become a reality and I could just picture everything!!  93 days will not come soon enough, haha. 

    All my bridesmaid dresses came + the dress I bought for the rehearsal dinner, so we got to pick those up--and they are gorgeous.  I was nervous since we had changed the color I thought I wanted, so seeing them made me certain we made the right choice. 

    We started our registry on Sunday, and my poor fiance was tortured haha, but it was nice that he came with me and participated.  I need to go back and update it, and I am going to register at one more place this weekend, so might make some changes once I see my options.

    and finally my shoes came in on Monday-- LOVE them better in person than the picture--and they feel super comfy so I hope that doesn't change.

    We are just finishing updating/confirming addresses so invites will get ordered by th eend of the week (fingers crossed).  Hope the turnaround is as quick as they say it will be so we have time to put them together and mail by the first week in April. 

    Other than that, I've set up a make up trial and hair trial for later this month, and am working with the florist getting some ideas going since we will not meet in person until April now.

    Happy Planning ladies!

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    Our invitations arrived today! They are absolutely perfect!!! I am so happy with them... and considering they were the very first thing I picked out when we got engaged and then based the rest of my design and color selections around this invitation, plus going through about five different wording drafts, it's amazing to see them done. Now I have one month to get them assembled, addressed, weighed for postage, and sent out by the first week of April. 

    Lately I've been getting all the addresses and guest lists together for both the invitations and also the pre-wedding parties that my Mom, FMIL, and MOH are planning for me. I need to send that out by Friday so they can finalize their plans. I'm getting excited now that it's creeping up to the time for all the events to start happening.

    We also received our first wedding gift last week! So fun to get gifts in the mail... and for it to be something selected from our registry is even cooler!

    Next up is our second meeting with our rabbi to go over our ceremony and have our ketubah text approved. 

    Also finalizing the song lists and selections with the band.

    FMIL has booked the Rehearsal Dinner venue, a fantastic Italian restaurant right near our wedding venue. Really excited about that.

    Still need shoes and to place the cake order.

    Oh yeah, and we had a major communication breakdown with the venue coordinator last week when she tried to spring a "hidden" charge on us. They wanted to tack on a $75 per candelabra charge to use their candelabrum for our centerpieces... after talking about them, planning with the florist, arranging to borrow 8 of them, AND having a sample made!!! I said "Hell NO!" 

    I got so pissed that I called my florist and started making arrangements to find other candelabrum to rent at a lower price... because $75 per piece is just highway robbery! That's $600 + tax which would have been closer to $800 if I had agreed. Anyway, FI ended up complaining to the venue and they "found a way to waive the fees" -so now they're NOT going to charge us? Whatever... I'm still irritated and kind of want to find other candelabrum to use anyway, just to show them that I'm not interested in playing games. 

    So far, I have a few options from my florist that I can switch to but I haven't made any decisions yet.

    My stress levels are through the roof! We still haven't taken our engagement pictures, and my "boudoir" shoot isn't till May. I really need to talk to my hair stylist and get me hair figured out with my head piece and veil. And I also need to find a seamstress for alterations soon so that I can get that handled sometime at the end of April and going into May in prep for the wedding.

    I feel like I'm starting to come unglued. There's a lot of loose ends and details to tend to, even though the BIG stuff is done. Geez, can't I just be married already?

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    I haven't got much done, but a lot of things almost done :)

    We booked a trolley because parking is a almost nonexistent at our church.

    We finished our vows and chose a reading and asked two of our closests friends (husband and wife) to do it.  And they said yes.

    I talked to FMIL (after reading so many horror stories on other boards) and asked her if she had anyone else she wanted to add to the guest list.  She said no but I told her I was planning to order a few extra invites just in case.

    We got our card box in the mail today (etsy) and the girl did it in the wrong color but she said she will re-do it.

    We bought the ties for the guys.  I was so happy because I had seen them back in January and they were $55 each and I kept putting it off.  Yesterday I go to Macy's and just happen to look and they were on clearance for $9.99!   Woohoo!

    We almost have all our music picked-that's our big to do for this week.  That and having the invitation person re-work the invites now that we have a trolley. 
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    I felt like I got so much down the last week!!!!! Thursday Fi and I met with our priest to fill out paper work and started mapping out the course of the ceramony. Thursday I also tried on my dress, which fit perfect and I can't wait to see what my bustle looks like all done! Saturday I had my shower! It was better then I ever expected it to be!!!!! I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful ladies in my life! And on sunday my flower girl ordered her dress and our ring bearer got fitted for his tux!!!!! We also asked our Godmothers to present the gifts (body and blood) during our ceramony and they both said yes! I got all my Thank you's for the shower mailed out today. And we are going to start on our inivites tomorrow since FI is on his spring break and we want to get them out by the end of next week!!!!
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    I sat with my caterer today to finalize a few things.

    I pd off my photographer, florist and pd another 1800 to our caterer
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    I have accomplished a lot in the last month but still have so much to do!

    This week our invites and rings came! The invites will be handed over to my mom to address. Our rings are from Blue Nile and they are beautiful, but FI's is much to large so we have to exchange it. We used THEIR ring sizer and determined he was a 10, but the actual ring falls right off his finger! I should have paid more attention to the customer reviews that "comfort fit" rings should be ordered in a size smaller. We might have to go all the way down to 8.5.

    We are interviewing our first cake person tonight. We'll probably go with her if the cake tastes good, because she has great prices and seems very skilled from her extensive gallery.

    My parents are visiting next week, we will visit the venue again to measure some things and ask some final questions, and hopefully find a florist too.

    I tried to call our county clerk to confirm that our officiant is acceptable (my grandfather, a retired pastor from another state), if he has to bring anything to their office or turn anything in officially, she was SO unhelpful. She kept saying "it's the bride and groom's responsibility to make sure", well, that's what I'm trying to do! I might have to call again in a few weeks. Frown

    We still need to find a harpist for ceremony and reception music, figure out FI's suit, and a million small things.
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