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I got the date, the theme, now I'm stuck on locale. Help!!!

We are planning 9-17-11.  I've always had my heart set on having a ceremony outside and since I'm on a pretty tight budget (paying for it ourselves with two kids to feed) we are looking for places that we can hold both at.

So far the list is 150 and that's mainly family and extremely close friends ( Litteral about 20). This is a nightmare but I'm determined to make this work and surprisingly my FH is very into this whole project which is awesome!!

We've decided on a whole masquerade-theme. Since our colors are green and silver, I've figured I can do a complete DIY project to get the look I want by creative decorating. I'm scared but I think the whole concept will be awesome and who wouldn't love to have a nice, playful yet fancy way to celebrate!

I guess it now comes down to location which is sadly booking up quickly :( I need a place that can accomodate an outside ceremony with an inside reception. I also need a place that will let me decorate walls and whatnot. I'm sorry, but I may need to use a thumbtack or two, haha. Mainly looking for a place that has catere's so we can focus one one BIG bill.  Please help. I've been reading on everyones and I'm gonna check out some of them but i would love if you commented on some places you checked out. I'm looking arouhnd Troy out to Scotia. So Albany and Schenectady as well.  

Re: I got the date, the theme, now I'm stuck on locale. Help!!!

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    I would suggest our venue at River Stone Manor

    But, I doubt they are going to let you tack things to their walls...check it out though you never know maybe you will really like the place.  It's in Scotia on the river.  We're running about $85/person which includes tip and tax.
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    I dont know exactly where in upstate NY you are looking, but our venue is in Rochester... we're being charged about 19 a person...

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    Did you check out Crystal Cove? They're very affordable and have beautiful outside ceremony sites. Only downside is that they don't serve have to bring in your own bartender. Also, if you look at the Edison Club...they're pretty affordable too if you use the banquet menu. Good luck dear!
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    Thanks! River stone manor is on my list of places to check out. I've never heard of  crystal cove or Edison club, I'll have to check them out.

    I'm living in the troy area but I grew up between Duanesburg and schenectady. I actually work in Niskayuna so I'm all over the place. Future hubby has spent his whole life in troy and so has his family. 

    Since I'll be having a lot of family traveling from Georgia, I'm trying to consider places that won't be far from hotels. Definetly considering bus rentals to accomadate them.
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    I'm sure what your budget is but there is the Altamont manor which has beautiful gardens, Glen Sanders in Scotia, and I can't remember how many they can accomadte, but there is the LIghthouse on Freeman's Bridge Rd in Scotia and they just redecorated their banquet hall.

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    yes waters edge lighthouse, we're probably having our rehersal dinner there.  Check out what I wrote about Crystal Cove on the BBQ post a few down.  Let me know what you think of River Stone!

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    If you were at all flexible on your date and think you could pull something together relatively quickly, glen sanders, hall of springs, and saratoga golf course all have discounted dates that they list here....
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    Have you looked at the Italian American Center on Washington Ave. Ext.?  You could have your wedding outside and reception indoors.

    Good Luck.
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