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Tacky to register at Victoria's Secret?

Someone told me they went to a shower and the bride had registered for lingerie at Victoria's Secret. They said she got a lot of the items she wanted and they all fit her nicely since she picked them. I have never heard of this before. Is this considered tacky? I am really tempted to do it for my bridal shower.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Tacky to register at Victoria's Secret?

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    I'd find it tacky.

    I guess if you were specifically having a lingerie shower, it would make sense, but I find those kind of tacky anyway.
  • I would find it maybe not tacky, but incredibly strange and a little weird.

    Personally, I always associate the gift with the giver.  My mom gave me a shirt, whenever I put it on I think of her.  I don't want that mental association with lingerie--"oh, Grandma gave me this thong!"  Yuck!

    Also, I find it awkward to be in a room where someoene's opening lingerie.  Because since it's a wedding shower, my mind goes to "they're going to use this for knocking boots."   I don't want people to have that mental image of FI and I, at all!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Tacky to register at Victoria's Secret?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't want that mental association with lingerie--"oh, Grandma gave me this thong!"  Yuck!
    Posted by Brie2010[/QUOTE]
    This is exactly why I was freaked out when FMIL suggested throwing a lingerie shower. I don't like the idea of other women purchasing lingerie for FI.
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  • Yes, it's tacky.  I don't think this is appropriate for a bridal shower, but for a bachelorette party, we once took the bride to Victoria's Secret, had her pick out what she wanted, and then we all chipped in to buy it for her.  This worked because  A: it was our idea, not hers, so she wasn't demanding that we buy her panties and B: no one in the groom's family (or her family for that matter) was present.  If you really want lingerie, maybe float the idea to your maid of honor and she might tell anyone who wants to bring a cheeky gift to your bachelorette to give a VS gift card.      
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  • I think it's tacky, but like pp, I think it's kind of weird.  I really wouldn't want to endure all of the bad jokes from people while I open lingerie.  "Oh, are you going to wear that to surprise FI when he comes home from work that first night?"  (Yeah, my mom said a variation of that to me last night.  I shudder to even think about it.)

  • I don't really want anyone other than FI knowing what my lingerie looks like.
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  • My FMIL gave me lingerie and I was very uncomfortable opening it in front of people.  Even more uncomfortable because there's no way in heck it would ever fit me.
  • If it's for a lingerie shower (which I wouldn't personally be comfortable having) it's fine, but otherwise I'd find it extremely tacky.  I don't want to be buying something that your FI is just going to rip off you most likely. 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Tacky to register at Victoria's Secret?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't really want anyone other than FI knowing what my lingerie looks like.
    Posted by msmerymac[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this. I keep my lingerie stashed in the back of FI's closet because whenever people come to our place for the first time they always want to see the walk in closet/room that FI built for me when I moved in and I'm always terrified of people seeing our "sex clothes" so I stashed them in his closet where no one will ever see them. I would never want to register for that stuff because every time I wear it all I could think is "Aunty Jane" bought me this or "Baby this was a gift from your grandma" no thanks!

    To answer OP's question, no I don't find it tacky, but I do find it gross and NMS. I wouldn't want other people buying me lingerie to be used for our wedding night and HM.
  • I've worked for VS for almost five years so I may have a bit of a different perspective. I don't think I would have a problem with people buying me lingerie and opening it in front of friends/family, but that's just me and I understand that it's not appropriate for all people. (I've been desensitized to all lingerie wearing awkward moments, trust me I have seen WAY too many people in lingerie...::shudders::)

    That being said, if you do decide to do it so that your girlfriends can actually buy the correct size and style you like (otherwise they are going to buy you so TERRIBLE stuff you'll just have to take back anyway) VS doesn't have a way to register in the stores, you can only register online for a "wish list" type deal, which is totally NOT helpful in the stores (online VS has totally different names and style #s for their products than the stores) so while I don't find it tacky to give general information about sizing and styles for some of your girlfriends or close family (not everyone will need or want this information) "registering" at VS is a waste of time...

    Sorry that was so long! HTH!
  • Well, stocking up your trousseau used to be what bridal showers were all about.  You'd get your fine linens, blankets, needleworked item, lacey things, (and--yes--that included all your lingerie as well), and they'd all be placed into a hope chest or something nice that you'd bring into your marriage.  Nowadays most people ignore these things on their registry because no one even creates hand-sewn items anymore anyway.  But many ladies still want lingerie, so many brides still have "lingerie trousseau showers".  That's probably what your friend had.  I love the idea because it seems so sweet and old fashioned.  My cousin had one, and my grandma gave her the most lovely eyelet lace nightgown, and hand-embroidered handkerchief.  No thongs from my grandma!
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  • I have never heard of them doing that is that something new? I worked for them throughout college (almost 5 years) and although I wouldn't care or not if someone got me lingerie, even if it was my grandmother (god knows what she would pick haha). I would never do a lingerie registry.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Tacky to register at Victoria's Secret? : This is exactly why I was freaked out when FMIL suggested throwing a lingerie shower. I don't like the idea of other women purchasing lingerie for FI.
    Posted by jessNlane52804[/QUOTE]

    Your FMIL suggested a lingerie shower?  OMG, I would have been horrified if mine had suggested that.  I think she thinks we sleep in twin beds.</div>
  • We are going to have a lingerie party at my bachelorette party, and I was on VS online and saw some things that I liked. I made a little online wish list as a means to just store the types of lingerie that I liked. I just told my sister in case she wanted any ideas on what I liked and didn't like. I don't like things that are "strappy"... I don't really know how to say it, but there is a preference that I do have, and it was just a resource for suggestions. They don't have to buy the exact ones I picked out, but I just used it as a guide. Does that make sense?
  • for a bridal shower, no.  for a bachelorette party, yes!  when I threw my best friends bachelorette party (she had no traditional wedding shower so this was her "showering" with gifts event) we had wording on the invite saying something along the lines of "let's help maria stock up her lingerie drawer before her big day"

    when people rsvp'ed many asked for her sizes so I sent an email out to all the invitees (all girls our age) saying, "because a number of people have asked, maria wears and bra size X" and so on so she didnt have to return anything
  • In my opinion, registering for lingerie is the same as registering for condoms or the pill. It's way, way, way too personal, and no one but you and your husband need to know whether or not you are comfortable wearing it.
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