23 days away and... the musician cancelled!

We wanted someone to play acoustic guitar and my groom's brother plays professionally but now he says that his "fingers aren't working right" and he won't be able to play! Any suggestions?

Re: 23 days away and... the musician cancelled!

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    maybe a hand massage? are the nerve in his hand to tight or is he nervous in general? good luck
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    I think he's nervous in general, he recently broke up with his girlfriend of about 6 years and is going through a major transition in his life (from small town in Arkansas to Cleveland for grad school). But he's already told us that he's unwilling to play at the wedding although he does still plant to attend. We know of another possible guitarist that we're looking into but so much is uncertain about it. I also had my photographer cancel on me today Frown It's insane all the stuff that can happen when you're getting married in 3 weeks! But I'm really trying hard to just push forward because after all, all you need to get married is a $60 marriage certificate and I've already got that Wink
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    thats awefull!! good luck!
  • I have a friend that plays guitar...don't know if he has played at weddings.Also, last time I got married,I made a CD from songs from wedding CD and songs off other CDs and compiled a wedding CD for the entire cermony plus stuff off Limewire( can't use limewire anymore..wahhh) but I had lots of good music ...just had to have someone cue the music,made a list of what needed to be played and when.Saved money...
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