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So back when I thought I could do everything... :P, I told my BM's that the night before the wedding we were doing all the corsage wristlets, boutonniere and bouquets.
Okay, now I'm no so sure. I'm still cool with the bouquets because that would be fun. But now I'm starting to look into boutonniere prices and corsage wristlet prices. I need 11 B's and 5 C's. Anyone know a good place locally that makes them? Cause I'm thinking that is way too much pressure the night before the wedding.
I've searched and it seems to be that I can find B's for around 10 bucks a piece. Wristlets are like 25. Anyone know any place cheaper? Or is this as good as it gets?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Flower help

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    i know, i told my girls the same thing! hahaha.. now i totally am not sure.

    have you looked at grocery stores??

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    Have you watched youtube tutorials on how to make those?  I've heard that boutonnieres are very simple & only take like, 2 min each to make.  But it all depends on what you're comfortable with!  I second sarack's grocery store suggestion.  The Safeway near me has an awesome flower dept., and the main florist lady is so nice!
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    If you do make anything yourself, consider a dry run a week or two beforehand so you actually know how to do it the day of and have all the supplies you need.
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    bout's are super easy to make and they are pretty quick.  Corsages can be a little trickier.  Perhaps you guys can make your your bouts and store by corsages in order to save some dough.  Doing a dry run the week before is a good idea. All you need is floral tape and a pin to make the bouts and there definately are a bunch of tutorials online. good luck!
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    That seems to be about the lowest end of the price spectrum I've seen for Bouts and Corsages.  I think the cheapest Corsage price I saw was like $18 and cheapest bout was $8.
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    Ditto the check the floral departments at the grocery stores. And actually, I think bouts are waaay easier than bouquets. Wrist corsages are probably the most difficult.
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    Yeah I think I can still deal with the bouts, it's the wristlets that worry me.
    I like the idea of the grocery stores. I was gonna check Top Foods too as they have a big floral department.
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