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What are some of the cheaper rental store in Omaha? I'd like to get them all from one place if I can. The only place I've checked on prices so far is Honeyman.

I'm needing- plates, glasses, silverware, tablecloths, napkins!

Re: Rental places

  • mallen34mallen34 member
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    United Rent-All is in Omaha. I used them for my wedding, and I thought they were reasonable.
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    I am using Gibbs- they are in Council Bluffs, IA, but they are the cheapest I have found.  We are having our wedding in a park so we needed chairs and stuff also.
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  • Chasity08Chasity08 member
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    I'm using Gibbs in CB as well. Their chairs are the cheapest I've found. GL! =]
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    I have worked with Bev from United Rent all for work events, and she is really great to work with. They can usually beat anyone else's prices too.
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