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We started to look at some potential photographers that we would like to have shoot our wedding and then I started to think how many photographers do we need that day? I am thinking 2... How many photographers will be shooting your wedding?
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Re: Photography Help...

  • Two is usually enough, depending on how many guests you have. If you have 300 or more guests, you may want a third shooter. I will have two photographers for my 90 guest wedding, but I am big into photography. Also, if you want a photo booth, I would ask any photographers you interview if they can set one up with a cloth background and a camera. The stand alone photo booths can be very expensive ($1,000+) while my photographer charged $300!! Be careful with photographers and understanding their pricing. Some try to charge you for prints after the wedding, but they lure you in with affordable pricing for the actual wedding. Make sure you get the rights to your photos... Or else the photographer can charge you for every copy of every photo. Most photographers are not that shady, but it is good to ask certain questions just in case.
  • I found a photographer who work I love... for 2500 this I get 8 hrs of photographer with 2 photographers, 8 hrs of videography, engagement session with unlimited shooting, bridal session (not sure if I want this or not), I also get a photo booth for 4 hrs with unlimited shooting, scrapbook guest book for all the film strips from the photo booth, I also get the rights to all of the pictures taken for e-pics, bridal session, wedding, and photo booth all on a disc. Oh and of course I have rights to the video. I figured for all of that it's steal.
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  • Wow! Seems like a great deal :-) My fiance and I are still trying to decide on the right photographer, the one we originally wanted was already booked for our date.  We're trying our best to look for an affordable deal that allows us to have two photographers, at least 8 hour coverage, rights to the photos, and engagement photos at least.  The one that we are planning on booking right now offers two photographers: one for taking more traditional/artistic style photos and the other one taking more of the photojournalistic style photos.  This is important for us as my family prefers more traditional style photos while my fiance and I prefer the more photojournalistic style...a good balance!  Hopefully we come to a final decision more check off the list!
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  • I'm only having one, my wedding will be on the small side- so I don't see the need for 2. Plus that's more money out of my pocket. Also, I'm only wanting formals, ceremony & reception shots- I don't care for getting ready photos.

    That aside, $2500 is a heck of a deal for all you're getting!
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  • Wow lucky you...$2,500 for all of that?!

    Our videography is $3,000 alone. And our photography is $1,850. 
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  • I'm looking at photographers in more of the 4-5k range, but all of that for 2500? SUCH A GREAT STEAL!

    Go for it girl!
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    We're having 2 for 3 hours & just 1 for the rest of the day.  I wanted 1 photographer with each of us getting ready & I wanted to have both for the first-look & during the ceremony.  After the ceremony the 2nd photographer will leave & we'll just have our main photographer for the remainder of the night. 

    That is a GREAT price for all that you're getting. If you like their work I say make an appointment to meet with them so you know for sure that you like them in person & then book! 

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