Need recommendation for Officiant in Sedona

We're looking for an officiant for our wedding in Sedona next February. We'd like someone who is non-denominational (i.e.- not too religious) and not too "new-agey."We were in Sedona yesterday and met with two, but neither one grabbed us. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Need recommendation for Officiant in Sedona

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    Who did you meet with?  We were in Sedona yesterday too and met with Carla Reidl.  She was recommened by Andrew Murphy. Andrew came very highly recommened by our venue but was booked on our date.  We like Carla, but she is a little earthy for lack of a better word.  We have not decided yet if we will go with her. She really wants to make the ceremony whatever you want, so we looked through a bunch of sample ceremonies and crossed out stuff that was too "earthy" for us, so I think we could get a great ceremony from her that fits us.

    P.S. Where are you getting married?  We are at Poco Diablo on 10-9-10.  Do you have other vendors selected?  We met with the cake lady yesterday too from Sedona Sweet Arts, and the flower lady from Bliss Floral.  Apparently we are a little behind the desired timeline.  Oops.  Probably will go with Sedona Sweet Arts, but have heard any pricing from Bliss Floral, and I am guessing it will be too much for us.

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    We're getting married in the chapel at Tlaquepaque on 2-11-11 and having our reception in their banquet room. I actually have a few vendors. Rosalie's of Sedona is our caterer and Cake Couture is making our cake (... a gift from my uncle). We tried to schedule an appointment with Sedona Sweet Arts, but they couldn't fit us in their schedule. Our photographer, Visions by Smiddy, is actually traveling from Phoenix, but we got a great deal and I really liked her portfolio. I still need a florist, dj, and officiant.

    As for officiants, I did an initial search on wedding wire and called Laura Lane with Sacred Unions and Suzanne Loo-McCoy with Intimate Sedona Weddings based on reviews. Laura Lane was unavailable on our date and referred me to Janice Midkiff with Ceremony of Love. We met with Suzanne and Janice yesterday. Both were very nice and I'm sure both would customize the ceremony to meet our needs, but, as I said, I didn't feel one really stood out over the other and their personalities were polar opposites. Suzanne seemed very professional, but I little too business-like... we didn't really get the "warm-fuzzies" that we expected from someone who marries people for a living. Janice, on the other hand, seemed a very warm and friendly, but was a little too "earthy" for our personalities. We thought it was funny when Janice commented that the number 11 in our date was very good number in numerology and because it repeats, it's even better... ha, ha. I'm debating if I should just look for someone in Phoenix and pay the travel free, since finding someone who isn't into moonbeams and rainbows in Sedona is proving more difficult than I anticipated.

    Keep me posted on the florist. With a wedding the week before Valentine's Day, I'm bracing myself for the floral bill and haven't really started looking yet. I'm hoping to save money by using tons of candles. Do you have a dj? What are you doing for hair and make-up?
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    We are bringing our DJ and photographer from Phx.  As for hair and makeup, I e-mailed a few places up there based on recommendations.  A popular recomendation for make-up is Liz Margin but she was out of my price range (her website says $200 for the bride I think), so I am not sure on make-up yet.  As for hair, I got a recommendation for someone that works at the Head First Salon in Flagstaff, but lives in Sedona.  I contacted her about a week ago and her fees seemed reasonable to me.  I have not met her, but she came recommended by a friend that lives in Flagstaff, so I am hoping to do a trial with her in the next few weeks and make a decision.  Just have to get up to Flagstaff.I got quotes from a few places in Sedona, and a place in Phoenix that travels to Sedona who was recommened by our venue, so let me know if you want specifics and I could e-mail or private message you some details.

    Good luck in your search!  I was thinking about finding out how to get a justice of the peace, so I may look into that too.
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    P.S. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the officiants you met quote you?  Ours was $400.
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    We are considering getting married in Sedona. We had a venue in Peoria but cancelled it! What made you ladies decided to get married there?
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Need recommendation for Officiant in Sedona</a>:
    [QUOTE]P.S. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the officiants you met quote you?  Ours was $400.
    Posted by janjan550[/QUOTE]
    the quote we got from our officiant was $500, but that is cuz it's got an additional $100 for being on a holiday (new year's day). i think that $400 is the going rate nowadays for officiants, according to my mom's coworker who has a daughter who is getting married. seems kinda ridiculous for the amount of time they're officiating, but i also heard that churches nowadays are asking for $1000 "donations" to hold weddings, rather than the 100-200 default on the budget calculator on theknot website. must be something to do with the economy.
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    My first thought was $400 was high for the amount of time, but it does seem to be a normal rate based on those that have info on their websites.  The Knot iPhone app has some etiquette questions and they suggest a $500 donation if your church pastor does it, so I guess it is in the ball park.

    sboobear - we looked at like 8-9 venues in the Phx area and just didn't fall in love with any of them.  Every one we walked away from thinking, "okay we may be able to make it work with our budget, but is it worth all that money".  We decided to check out Sedona and saw 4 venues in one day (Poco Diablo, Los Abrigados, Sedona Golf Resort and L'Auberge..just for fun, way too expensive).  The three that were within the budget we loved more than any of the places we saw in Phx.  It is not saving us any money to get married there, but it feels like better use of the money to me.  Plus, we will have this amazing town to go back to for anniversarys, etc. over the years.  And we have had a lot of fun having little weekend trips up there for various things, like e-pics, cake tastings, etc.

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    janjan500- Susanne quoted us $450 and Janice quoted us $400 originally and then discounted the fee to $350, when we met with her.

    sboobear- We picked Sedona for a few reasons. First, we like to hike and the scenery is amazing. If the weather cooperates in February, we're looking forward to great pictures. Believe it or not, it was also a little cheaper for us. The site fees for the chapel and banquet room at Tlaquepaque were very reasonable and included seating and tables, which also saved in rental costs... much cheaper than what I was looking at in Phoenix. Being a February wedding (... date was picked because it's my grand parents' and great grand parents' anniversaries), it didn't really make sense to have an outdoor wedding, anyway, so the indoor ceremony and reception sites were a good option for us. Although, we fully intend on taking advantage of the scenery by taking tons of pictures outside. Honestly, we also liked that being a destination wedding,our guestlist was likely to be lower because everyone would have to travel. Perhaps that's a little insensitive, but with the exception of the cake (a gift from my uncles) and the flowers (a gift from my aunt), we're paying for our wedding.
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    Hi! This is my first time posting!

    I'm getting married in Sedona on October 16, 2010 at L'auberge de Sedona. 

    Margaret Van Damme of Van Damme Weddings is officiating and helping with the planning.

    We are using Events by Showstoppers for the flowers. If you are able to get up to Sedona, I suggest stopping by their store. They have contact information and samples for officiants, music, cakes, etc. While we were there we ran into two of the vendors we were hoping for!

    Cameron+Kelly, out of Flagstaff, is doing the photography. 

    We are using Liz Margin and Patricia Vega for hair and make-up.

    The cake from Sedona Cake Couture is included in our L'auberge package. Her cakes are beautiful - tasting is this week!

    Hope this helps!


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    I got married at Tlaquepaque in April.  It is a wonderful venue.  We used Jeanie Carroll are our officiant and DJ.  She was great!  Almost all of the vendors we chose were fabulous except our photographer Michelle Powell.  She did not show up to the wedding and has refused to return phone calls and emails to return our money.  So do NOT use her.  If you need any other vendor info I have all the contact info of everyone we used, Bartending Service (FABULOUS), photobooth, vidoeographer, catering, etc. 

    Congrats and ENJOY your day!!

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    Sedona Sweet Arts is AMAZING too!  We used Donna Joy and we loved her.  She is great and her cakes are AMAZING.  They taste good all the way down to the fondant.  She makes her own fondant and only uses a very thin layer.  She frosts the cakes like she would if she wasn't using fondant.  She is just amazingly talented and sweet!
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    Hi Randi,
    I am a L'Auberge bride too.  I am getting married on 4-23-11.  I have also booked with Liz.  Not sure about Suzan yet as my hairstylist in Phoenix says she is comming up for our wedding.  We are having our ceremony at Talapaque.  Then off to L'Auberge.  Any pointers you have to share about your experiences I would appreciate.

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