Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their long weekend!  I know we did!

I am so sleepy today and not looking forward to the long week ahead!! Hope that everyone has a great week!!

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    Thanksgiving was nice.  I got a speeding ticket on Saturday so that sucked...  Well, it actually wasn't a speeding ticket since the cop was nice.  He just wrote me up for disobeying the posted speed limit signs.   Going 85 on the turnpike isn't THAT bad. 

    On Sunday, we got most of the outside lights up and the tree up.  Tonight's agenda is finishing decorating and decorating the tree.

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    Morning! I feel like I need another 4 day weekend to recover from this one!

    Jenn - I got the SAME violation last Thanksgiving. I think it's just a way for the cops to make $$$ without being the "bad guys" for giving tickets on holidays.

    We had a great T-giving hanging out with B's g-ma. Friday morning we were out shopping wiht the crazies at 4 am (B got bowled over by a 100 lb girl on a mission, lol), and we were at MIL's yesterday (shudder).
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    Morning! I had a really busy weekend with DH's family, but it was great to see them all. I wish that we lived closer together. I love having nieces and nephews. The surprise birthday party for DH's Dad was so nice. He loved it.   We also watched Up (LOVED it, but didn't cry), and Precious (So powerful).

    The gam elast night killed me. Dennis Dixon did so great for most of it. I wish so badly that we could have gotten the win. I guess there goes the Steelers' season.

    Sorry to hear about the ticket, Jenn. I've never heard of that go-around categorization for the ticket. That is pretty funny. :P
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    Hey ladies :-) This is my last day off before going back to work tomorrow :-/ At least it is only a 3 day week!

    We had a really nice long weekend!  Hooray for Eid Break!

    We had a relaxing morning, lunch at Paul (a french cafe) and then coffee at Maya (a chocolatiere). Deelish. Now we are just relaxing at home. I am going to go shopping soon, and Dave has some grading to do :-/

    Hope everyone had a grreat Turkey Day!

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      i had a great Thanksgiving, FI came home with me for the day-so that was nice.  Then my mother and I went out at midnight and I didn't stop shopping until 2 pm the next day, at which point my brother wanted to go bowling so my entire family went bowling-that was quite a trip.  I got back to Maryland early yesterday so I missed most of the traffic.
      I am very grateful that I don't have to work until tomorrow:-)  I need a day to recover from all that shopping!
      Sorry to hear about your ticket J!  That stinks.
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    Morning.  I am at home today, so plenty of time for knotting.  I came down with the flu on Thursday and I'm still not feeling too well.  I'm trying to make an appointment with the doctor so that I can use a sick day for today instead of a vacation day. I don't want to waste a vacation day when I really am sick.

    Needless to say, I did pretty much nothing this weekend.  I've been having problems keeping my head upright, so most of the weekend was spent on the couch.  We did manage to watch Transformers 2 (I feel asleep), My Life in Ruins (I really enjoyed it), Up (cried my eyes out many times, didn't really laugh), and Star Trek (LOVED it!).  I also watched way too many crappy reality shows.
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    Sorry to hear you are still feelign crappy, Shannon. I hope you can get a Dr excuse for today!

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    Morning!  Thanksgiving was good.  We got the house cleaned this weekend and all the decorations up.  Except outside lights, which we discovered are half burned out.  So looks like we're buying more.

    On the downside - I'm pretty sure Mia, our Lab, had a seizure on Wednesday night.  I was home alone and completely freaked out, but she seemed fine just minutes later and the rest of the weekend.  Our vet was closed this weekend, so I'm calling them today. Hoping it's a one time thing.
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    Good Morning! I had a great Thanksgiving spent with my parents and DH... I wish they lived closer. Frown I am very thankful for the time we spent together though, and for all of the great bargains I got shopping this weekend. Smile Even though I'm tired from staying up to watch the sucky game, I feel refreshed after having that time off.

    Shannon- Hope you feel better soon, and can get that doctor's excuse.

    E- Sorry to hear about your pup- that would be so scary! Hope you can find out more info asap!

    Off to catch up now!
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    Good morning! I had a busy Thanksgiving. We spent Wednesday - Saturday with DH's family in West Virginia. His grandmother drives us all crazy so it was a looong few days. Saturday we went to Pittsburgh to see my family for the night. It was a short visit but still nice! 

    I found out that DH's parents are coming to visit us for a WEEK after Christmas. Now he wants to cut our christmas plans with my parents short so we can rush back to DC to be with his family. They are staying with us in our small condo for the entire week. Ugh ugh ugh.
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    Hello ladies.

    My weekend was pretty good. Thanksgiving we went to hang out with FI's parents. had a nice quiet dinner. Friday we went out anf did some shipping, which I never do! We didn't do the 4am craziness but I can't believe how much money we saved and how many gifts we got taken care of. Friday even we put up the tree and wrapped gifts (not so scrooge like huh?)

    On saturday we had a few friends over for dinner and then proceeded to drink a lttle too much so spent yesterday on the couch. It was awesome. but not long enough!
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    Good morning! Turkey Day went well, it was just the 2 of us and it's hard every year when we don't get to go home and see our family. Went to Austin for the rest of the weekend for our honeymoon, had a lot of fun - 6th Street is CRAZY! So many bars and bands and just weird stuff :) The Hyatt upgraded us to the presidential suite which was AMAZING - it seriously is the size of our condo!

    Thursday night DH's car got broken into at our place. They didn't take anything but the window is all busted and that's going to cost some money to get fixed. We had to wait for the cops to show up for almost 2 hours Friday morning right when we were getting ready to leave.

    Happy Monday everyone - I didn't do any shopping this weekend but  love Cyber Monday Smile


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    S-Hope you feel better soon!  It always stinks to be sick over the holidays when you are off from work.
    E-So sorry to hear about your pup.  Our lab used to have seizures as well-scary, but they have medication that helps if they continue.  Vibes for your doggie!
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    Goodmorning, I'm a total grouch.  The reason for such can be seen by my RSVP ticker....random people came up to us over thanksgiving, asking why they hadn't been invited.  Someone else's grandmother yelled at me in a bar (seriously?) that her grandkids weren't invted.  Ugh.  DF said to me, wow, we needed to leave to come back to Pittsburgh Thursday after dinner.

    On a positive note, I got my wedding present from DF.  He shot me a fox and I am having it stuffed by one of the best taxidermists.  :-D.  Such a random gift I know, but I've always wanted one, and foxes are usually hard to shoot.  This one is gorgeous.  Well worth the price to stuff. 
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    Morning (wait, no, afternoon already!). Really busy week ahead, and not one I'm much  looking forward to...would sooo rather still have it be the weekend! Had a good holiday and a good long weekend; I miss it already!

    Got to work today, opened my bag, and discovered that there was a banana in there from at least last Wednesday (if not earlier) that had gotten smushed and...well, we'll just leave it at that, because it was gross. Got to start my morning by cleaning up the mess. Hope it's not a sign of the week to come!
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