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So....I went out yesterday to buy some cute lingerie and/or underwear for the wedding night, under the dress and throughout the honeymoon.

I stood outside 3 different lingerie stores and even saw some things in the window I thought I liked. HOWEVER, I dont know if its embarresment or a fear it will bad or what, but I am terrified to try it on, or even walk into the store!

Anyone else uncomfortable with buying 'sexy' stuff, what did you do about it? Also anyone buy online from Victorias Secret? Theres some cute stuff on there but are the sizes pretty standard and I couldnt find out how long thier shipping takes without making an account, which I dont want to do unless I can actually get things in time....

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Re: lingerphobia

  • I hate buying lingerie at the VS's near me because I swear they only employ 15 year olds or people who only know how to dress super models... oh well.

    I like to go to a specialty shop near me now because I've had good experiences there and they're only slightly more expensive than VS. Otherwise I shop online.

    As far as shipping, VS should have several options from a couple business days to overnight.
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  • I'm with you- I'm CRAZY intimidated by lingerie stores. I hate even buying a 5 pack of Hanes at Target- I always search out the line with the little old lady cashier to feel less embarrassed about it.

    I ordered some stuff from VS- It seemed like it got here in a pretty standard amount of time. Maybe a week or so? I did have to return some of the things, but it turns out that when you return merchandise you bought online that the store is just basically the middle man for sending it back- So skip the store and mail it yourself.


  • I DREAD the lingerie store, so I just ordered some cute stuff from VS. I feel ridiculous dressed in super sexy stuff, so I tone it down a bit with short nightie type things in sheer fabric (which I am not jazzed about but...). Besides, I had a gc and secret rewards card to use up. And these nightie things came with cute undies!
  • What I would suggest for sizing at VS is this.  If you can bring yourself to get fitted for a bra and/or try one at at the store just once, you'll know what size fits you there.  I've done this and it helped tremendously with ordering online.  Also, if there are reviews on the item you're looking at, see if any of them comment as to whether the item is true to size.  If all else fails and budget allows, guess at which two sizes might work best and return the one that doesn't. 
  • glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm still trying to decide what to do....hmm.

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    take a girl friend with you and make it funny if you are uncomfortable. You know like your friend says, "omg, can you imagen what type of a girl wears these?! as she hold up crochless panties and then you laugh saying "me on my honeymoon!" and snatch them out of her hands. lol. -- just make it fun to cut the tention. :) 

    with lingre you just have to try it on - I order about 3 things off line for my boudior shoot and returned all of them and then went out was a pain but one of my friends made it a lot of fun
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