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Lake Erie Ceremony

Ok.  So I have a question.
My boyfriend and I are thinking of a small private ceremony on Lake Erie.  Is there any place cheap that we can do this?  If we get married on a public beach then do we need to get a permit or something?  I know we need the marriage lisence, but I'm not sure how getting marrried outside in a park/beach area works.

Thank you :)

Re: Lake Erie Ceremony

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    Where exactly are you planning to use?  If you are planning to go to Maumee Bay State Park or someplace like that, I would contact the park and they will tell you exactly what process you need to go through in order to reserve the area and if there are any fees to pay.

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  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    I'm not very familiar with Lake Erie ceremony locations.  However, I know that Oak Opennings and Side Cut Park offer allow you to reserve areas next to their lake.  Providence Park allows you to reserve a riverside area.  These locations are $75 for the time slot of 10am - 2pm or 3pm - 7pm.

    I realize that these aren't quite the same, but they may be inexpensive alternatives to consider if you can't find anything else.

    Make sure you have a plan in case of bad weather too!  We reserved the lodge at Pearson Park for the day as our back up plan.  It was close and would have been easy to redirect people should we have needed to.  The extra expense of a back up plan is definitely worth the peace of mind as your day approaches.

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  • nyreknyrek member
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    You could try Put-In-Bay or one of the smaller islands, like Kelly's Island or Marblehead.  I know they have some really inexpensive ceremony packages and I think like a boat captian who can officiate???  Not sure what you're trying for...but they have other options too.

    Beware of Maumee Bay...they may not let you just "use" the beachfront for a wedding ceremony. (Since they offer wedding packages at the resort which are HUGELY overpriced)
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