Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Finally my wedding recap

We got married May 19.  63 days ago. :) 

I loved my wedding day.  Not everything went the way I planned, but it was still a perfect day. 

Things that went wrong

1. We had written our own vows, but during the ceremony our officiant accidentally rushed past it and into the next part of the ceremony.  I think he got confused and we were taken off guard and didn't stop him.  But we shared them in private later which was still nice. 

2.  Noone stood up when I was coming down the aisle. The officiant forgot to say "please stand" so everyone kidn of like turned in shock as the doors opened and I started walking down.

3. My flowers were nothing like I planned. Even though the florist and I talked about it a alot and I provided specific pictures.  Still, they were beautiful and not something I really regret.

4. The best man's speech was a complete mess, but hubby and I laughed about it throughout our entire honeymoon.  Plus my MOH's speech was amazing and I think everyone forgot about the best man's once hers began. 

5. I feel like i missed the reception.  Between talking to everyone and taking pictures with everyone who requested it, I didn't get the chance to dance except for like 2 songs.  Then we decided to take go take sunset pictures which took about 45 minutes. And by the time we got back to the reception everyone was leaving.  that might be my biggest regret-just not enjoying the reception the way that I pictured. 

But watching the wedding video I got to see the whole day in replay which feels really good.  Plus pictures will be done by Wednesday so that's something to look forward to!

In general the whole day went by so fast, but it was literally the happiest day of my life.  Everything looked beautiful,  i felt so loved, and I finally got to marry the best man in the world.  So even though things weren't 100% perfect, it was still the best day ever. Likewise our honeymoon was amazzzzing. 

While I felt a little bit of sadness that the planning was over, I"ve really been enjoying married life.  And now, 2 of my best friends are engaged and I am the matron of honor for both and I've been helping them with planning so that's filled some gaps lol.  So the next year should be interesting. 

Re: Finally my wedding recap

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    [QUOTE]How bad was the speech? I ask because at a friend's wedding the Best man made a 20 minute speech about how watching them get married reminded him of how alone he was. Everyone's food was getting cold as he stood up there basically whining "I'm soooooooo lonely."  Super-freaking awkward, but everyone had a great laugh about it later. 
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    HAHAHA!<img src="" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />
  • Congratulations Kburns! Although there were some glitches, atleast you have your wedding pictures and video to reflect on your day.
  • At my best friend's wedding the MOH had a ten minute speech about how her parents met with the last sentence of the speech being, "and that's why they reminded me of Groom'sName and Bride'sName!" It was awkward to say the least.
  •  Our wedding was the past weekend, It was more like 17 days of wedding honeymoon so there were some stresses and lots of fun.  We had our wedding in portland maine, my husband and I are from san diego, we had most of our guests from out of town, LA, PHILLY,BOSTON,KANSAS,SEATTLE AND MAINE where most of family resides.  All in all we had a wonderful time.
    The wedding itself,  at  church the pastor forgot to tell my hubby you can kiss the bride and he had extended himself so that was funny, he later did, at the reception, everything went perfectly except that we had drink tickets and our cap was exhausted within an hour and had to announce for people to cash buy drinks.

    Seating was a different story, we put names and table numbers and I typed a list and on Thursday we put everything together but come Saturday, names were all over, spouses sitting apart, it was a mess but having a kenyan american wedding we have fun either way and we follow our culture and nothing gets in the way so we had our fun.  It was a fantastic wedding and the photos and video are well worth it.  If you want to know about
    my vendors,  my flowers were done by Fleur de lis, Karen is just absolutely delightful and very professional,  the flowers were great and delivered on time and she knows her job very well, very highly recommended and not crazy pricing either.  Lilleys limousine came with no cider or champagne even though we paid for it so there you go.  Church at ST. Lukes was very good, pastor Rasner was very nice and easy to work with, puts you at ease and wants everything to go well, feels like he has known you forever, helps you with music, verses and program so the best to work with.  As for the Seasons where we had our reception, I will let anybody know personally if they inquire on the boards about our experience with drink tickets and seating, did not work that well.  My make up was done by Laurel Wiley, very well experienced, very calm and very good natured and she will come to you on day of, it was fabulous, I can recommend her to anyone, she is based out of kennebunkport.  All in all a lot of people made our day wonderful and unforgettable.
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