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DIY ceremony programs

Has anyone done DIY wedding ceremony programs? If so, how did you go about making yours? Were there any templates or websites that you used that you found helpful? Are there any websites that you used to find descriptions for each part of the ceremony? I have to start our programs soon and have no idea on how to go about this. Thanks in advance! :)

Re: DIY ceremony programs

  • I did!  I found a template online and just changed it to accommodate the necessary info and changed the design.  We printed them at home on card stock and there was some trimming and folding required (although you could get by with less).  You could also get them printed at Kinko's, depending on what paper you want them printed on.

    I would be happy to email it to you if you PM me your email.

    How many pages do you need and what are you planning to include?
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    We made our own as well and like Tem said, there was some cutting, folding and hole punching involved. It wasn't too bad though. My husband actually found the style of program that we used and created it in photoshop (I think?) but they can easily be created in MS Word, too.

    We printed it on regular paper and then had a cardstock cover. Here's a picture without the cover:

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    Thanks ladies! 

    Tem - I sent you a PM!  Where did you find your template? I'm not sure how many pages we'll need but we don't want a long program.  Just want to name everyone in the bridal party, our parents, officiant, description of each of the ceremony parts, and then a thank you to our family and friends. 

    Raangoli - your programs are beautiful!  Did you design them yourself in Photoshop?  Where did you find the paisley design?  I'm trying to incorporate a paisley design on our programs.

  • Thanks, Priya! My husband designed them and I am pretty sure he used photoshop and then converted to PDF when it came time to print. It is a standard sheet of 8.5x11 that we cut length-wise.

    We bought the paisley print from istockphoto.com. It came with a few different ones and we used them on our invites and elsewhere on our paper items.
  • I did my own and have them printed for free on vistaprint.com on the large index cards..and just tied them together with a small ribbon..if you want them template let me know!!

  • Brinshah - I would love to see your template, it looks so cute!  Where did you get the design from?  I'll send you a PM!

  • temurlang, where did you find a template online? Were there also descriptions?

    I'm also trying to get a program together but FH and his family are being difficult in not being able to describe what the wedding ceremony will actually include. Our Pandit is great and will explain everything in english that day, but I'd like to know what's going to happen beforehand!

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