Where did you register?

We have family coming from all over Canada and we're wondering about registries. We really don't NEED anything and my mom already bought us our big wants, a new Dyson vacuum and pots and pans. Where did you register and what for?
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Re: Where did you register?

  • We had a small registry from Home Outfitters, plus we get 10% off everything from our registry from the day of our wedding to our 1 year anniversary and we're allowed to add things to our registry in this year, meaning anything we want from there is 10% off.

    But because we had a small registry, most people gave us money.  So we were able to us it to buy all new furniture for our house.
  • We registered with Sears.  We've only registered for items that we actually need or wanted to replace.  We've lived together for over 5 years now, so not too much.
    If guests don't want to transport the gift they decided to buy they can have it sent to my local store for me to pick up later which is nice for the guests.
    If I'm not mistaken we also get a discount for a year on what is left on our registry, but don't quote me on that, Fi and I actually need to go back and update our registry.
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  • We're registering at The Bay/Home Outfitters and Sears. There are some things we wanted that Sears didn't have, so we chose both.
  • So far we have chosen The Bay, and we are going to register at a smaller, local sotre called Zone, which has a pretty good online store too. We're debating about Home Outfitters vs. Linen Chest... Any reviews of these two that would be helpful?
  • We registered at The Bay.  They've got a good selection of stuff.

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  • We chose Linen Chest, over Home Outfitters. They've been really lovely and their selection is good. I only wish I could modify my registry online... But they are very prompt at responding to emails/phone calls. 

  • Bed Bath and Beyond, they are great with online shopping too so its easy for people to just ship it to our house instead of having to try and travel with a gift!

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