The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough

We are strongly considering having our wedding at the Landing at Pine Point. I was only able to find four reviews on this venue thus far. Any thoughts, opinions, or experiiences out there would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

Re: The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough

  • no experience with them- but I have only heard great things!
  • I also thought about having my wedding here. I have known a few people to get married there in the past and it was just beautiful....However, I heard a rumor that they are struggling financially (how could that be right? They are pretty pricey:) and it is rumored that they may not be around for too much longer. Even though it may just be a rumor it is worth asking about or checking out before you give a deposit. I would just get something in writing...just in case :) I hope this isn't the case because it is a beautiful facility.

    Good Luck!
  • I have heard great things!
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    The caterer has left due to non payment. There are many other vendors not being paid. Be careful please.......something is very wrong. The caterer was Yorks. Call them in guess to get the story? Who knows.
  • Thanks everyone. We decided to take a different route. Appreciate the feedback immensely.
  • I have my wedding planned at The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough in February of this year, and I couldn't be more excited! Our event planner Kelly has helped coordinate and plan every detail needed in a timely manner to keep my anxiety at ease.   After my Finance and I both heard the "rumors" going around Portland, I emailed Kelly with concerns. She immediately set up a meeting with us, and Jim (operational manager).  After meeting with them, all of our anxiety and worries were put to ease.  There's a lot of gossip that goes around Portland, and I think we all need to remember to take it for what it is, just gossip. Until you know the real story from the actual people involved you can't believe everything you hear.  

    Hope this helps to reassure people that the staff and venue of The Landing at Pine Point are extremely reliable and our experience so far has been wonderful! 
  • I am one likes rumors. But someone should contact Jeff York catering. The truth is the truth......I know a florist as well who is owed big money. I am going to do some investigating......I hate rumors but I hate bad things happening to good people more.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the The Landing at Pine Point.  It is a gorgeous venue that will blow you away!!!  Kelly is great to work with! My daughers wedding is planned for this fall at the Landing and they have a menu testing in Feb. and another in March.  I have heard that they will be working with a in house chef instead of a catered situation and I am sure the food is going to be fabulous because everything the Landing does is top notch. 
      We met the owner Jim Ciampi at an open house and he is a vivacious person who is excited with the new additions to the Landing that he has just implemented, like the new stone path to the rose garden.  He continues to make that place top notch.  I believe it is his love and when you put that much into it, you strive for success, and I believe the Landing is a winner.  
       But don't just listen to me... you  have to go see it for yourself, talk with the management and be your own judge.

  • My fiance and I are from New York and was hoping to have our wedding there in the summer or fall of this year!! Are they all just rumors I hope?
  • Yes, they are very much in business!! There is a newer post on this board that mentions that Black Tie caterers are the new venue caterers, and they are fantastic also, so.... to answer your question, they absolutely are in business! It's a beuatiful venue, my daughters wedding is the beginning of September. If you are looking to book this summer or fall, you should contact them soon. If you go on their website you can look at the wedding calender, they are getting very full.

  • Yes she is correct.....Black Tie moves in the venue in April. Everything will be wonderful, or even better!

    It is a gorgeous venue, please look at and then you will know about the company coming in that will keep things great at The Landing.

  • Yes she is correct.....Black Tie moves in the venue in April. Everything will be wonderful, or even better!

    It is a gorgeous venue, please look at and then you will know about the company coming in that will keep things great at The Landing.

  • Sprigowheat, You are all over this site spitting all kinds of information you apparently know nothing about.  One minute you are saying the Landing is going out of business, then they are being taken oven.  You mention how everyone got hurt when the Pavilion in Portland went out of business yet it was Black Tie who was the catering company. 

    No matter what's going on it isn't your concern and you are causing problems for two businesses. 

    Yea!, you were married years ago!  Move on you are no longer a bride and your constant remarks to everyone else is ruining the joys of their weddings.
  •  Since i had my wedding I saw dozens of brides lose deposits and their weddning venue when the Paviion closed unexpectedly. The people that ran it left with all the deposits ( do you read the paper and watch the news??) and Black Tie tried to help each and every one find a new place, as they were only the caterers...they did not ru  the Pavilion, and did not have any connection with its closing.

    I would think that everyone would have loved a heads up when that happened. 

    So if I know ( and I do ) that a venue is changing hands ( i never said it was fact i said it was NOT ) it is important for brides to know this.

    And when they do, and they understand thier day will still happen at The Landing, how is that "ruining" their day?

    This recession is wreaking havoc of a lot of local business. The Landing will be around for a long time, but it IS changing hands.

    I see you got married several years ago as well....funny how you have things to say as well, but would you prefer we just lhide under a rug?  I have many friends who I have on this site, and my goal is to help.

    What is your concern?

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