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WC Frustrations

So here's my post about my WC...

I don't know what to think of her. I get the vibe that she doesn't really like to do weddings and just wants to do what she wants to do instead of what the bride wants to do. Granted, she has honored my requests, but with some resistance...

For example, I really want these lights:

I told her a few months back, but she was so discouraging, saying it would be out of my budget, etc. So I let it go.

I found out from another person getting married on Maui that he is going to have café lights at his wedding for $1/foot installed. Hmm...that doesn't sound too expensive, right?!

So I inquire with a Maui Rents, and that's what they quoted me. I told her that I was quoted this price, so she went and inquired with one of three, yes, three, rental companies that she has hired for my wedding since she couldn't get everything at one.

They quoted $375 to adequately light a 30'x75' tent, which btw, was not the original tent she told me I'd have. First she said 40'x60', but never informed me that the rental company's 40'x60' tent was already booked, so she went ahead and booked the 30'x60' tent--without notifying me of the change.

She then says the rental company said a 30'x75' tent better suits my needs.

I asked her if I could meet with the rental company that she booked my tent and lights with, but she said, "No" and that she would forward the photo of the lights that was sent to her. Uhm...she e-mailed me with the exact photo that I sent to her! Not sure if the rental company really provided her with the photo (above) or if she just resent it back to me...kinda fishy, I think...

Anyway, she also makes unneccessary comments. We talked about lighting before as well and she said, "Uplighting is a waste of money." There are other ways of saying that, but she chose those words.

She has this negative personality about her and I feel like I can't trust her all that much, but at this point I don't want to drop her since we already paid her a non-refundable fee.

It's just so frustrating to have a WC that isn't enthusiastic about your wedding, who wants to do things cookie cutter, who doesn't see your vision, and who is just discouraging about "different" ideas. I don't think what I want is so far fetched, so I don't know what her deal is...

Any thoughts?
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Re: WC Frustrations

  • destiny1108destiny1108
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    Hate to say it, but it may be worth it to lose your deposit and get another planner.   Our WC was awesome, but unfortunately only does Oahu.  We went through a variety of different options and she gave us pros and cons of each one (cost, aethetics, etc.) and was really tuned in to the look we were trying to create.    It seem odd that you're not able to meet your vendor, ours told us that "there are no secrets" you are free to contact any of your vendors at any point in time.  She made some arrangements for us that we just trusted her judgement but it made us feel comfortable that we could contact the vendors if we wanted to, and they are all 'spot on" as to what we were looking for.
  • Destiny, I completely agree. Who's paying for the rentals here? We are, not her, so I feel like I should at least know who my vendors are. I didn't ask initially which rental companies she hired, BUT I just sent over an email inquiring about it because I have the right to know...

    $2k down the drain is kind of a lot, though...! :( Argh...I am so torn...

    I already know which WC I'd love to hire, too...
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